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  1. Hope you guys are following your New Years Resolutions. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Greetings! If you don't me, I was a former staff member on Minehut. I'm just checking in on seeing how things are doing around here. I hope everyone reading this is having a great time on Minehut and will have a Happy + Safe Holiday. Until next time. ~ Ninventoo
  3. I'm waiting for that one kid to steal their mom's credit card so they can get MH Unlimited.
  4. Pig step is why I wake up everyday.
  5. I have the perfect picture for this,
  6. eye spy ๐Ÿ‘ย 

  7. Dude is you pfp joking with algebra mathematicians? Because I am becoming one and we are very important my dude

    1. Ninventoo
    2. Gaminger


      No longer it is thank you very much. Also your pfp got way more scary

    3. Ninventoo
  8. Hello, that isnโ€™t okay. While it probably is true that he said that just to scare you, it is against the rules of Minehut to threaten users with their personal information. If you have evidence that this occurred (ex: a video, screenshot, etc.) Then please visit our Reports Section and read the Player Report Format. Hope this helps. - Ninventoo Post Locked
  9. I have returned >:)

  10. Moderation in all things my good friend. (pun not intended)
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