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  1. Congratulations it's a celebration
  2. For anyone trying to be slick, you cant mute me because I'm God aka Ninventoo
  3. I'm a good egg now

  4. I'm not entirely sure, find out next week.
  5. I can't wait to the next generation of Minehut Staff Members!
  6. There is currently no ETA on Bedrock Edition support. LOCKED - Question Answered Edit: Also moved from General to Community Support
  7. Thanks, everyone. I have no plans on stopping either
  8. Thank you to everyone I have met on Minehut. You are all awesome in your own way! ❤️

  9. One of the best staff members in Minehut’s recent history. Thanks for everything Ginger
  10. On this day today in 2017, I returned to the Minehut Staff Team. I’m proud to say that I have helped Minehut for over 2 years. I am also proud to have seen it’s rapid growth and to have met so many awesome people. Thank you for being with me during my successes & failures. Cheers, and onwards towards more accomplishments! Your pal, Ninventoo
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