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  1. Jeez RecitingJr, PandaTcT and Gimmmick. I do remember seeing all those nicknames around, specially Gimmmick
  2. I do remember you playing with me on warzone. Glad someone liked my rant forum posts xD Woah I did not know you were staff on Sumo.. Guys believe me I tried my best to put everyone on the list xD Kinda hard to stay when IRL does not let me xD But I do not remember you ;_; Woah Echo its been a long time! Did not know you were forum banned twice xD Yea it is true that warzone was way funnier with all those kits. I felt pretty sad when the kits were removed Yea Minehut was not Minehut without drama back at the time haha Keep going and I might invite you to join the club... Hehe jk im no illuminati... yet
  3. You can set gamemode sp on death. That way when someone dies they are set to spectator mode and they can see the others play
  4. I TRIED MY BEST BELIEVE ME XD Np haha You might have seen me already... Not everyone gets to see my face
  5. Jeez I would have never guessed those three players were the same xD Yea ill quit if I get 100 likes on this post!!1!
  6. Yea I do remember you from those times. I think you're older than me. Jeez how many more have I forgotten xD
  7. Assuming there were only 40 responses, the population is not that big. It is still, however, an interesting thing to look at. Maybe the staff members of minehut can make some use of this. Fun fact the average for "how good are you at building?" is 4.8 which kinda makes sense xD The average age is around 15.8 but given that the population is small and around 22.5% decided not to tell their age this might not be accurate. Most people are americans wow... Minehut player servers are supposed to be bad. How come 60% think they can do servers better than the average? Well come to think: Given how bad some servers on minehut can be I would not be suprised if any low quality player server would be better than the average xD The Minehut Strengths and Weaknesses chart is probably the most interesting data from the census. If minehut is running on 1.14 I would not be suprised if there were many bugs. The 1.14 update is still quite unstable for multiplayer, specially when theres alot of players on one server. People please dont do Gen PvP. We were telling you how bad they were on 2017, and today people still dislike that gamemode. A good number of players are more than 2 years old on minehut which is also a very interesting thing, specially when you consider the average age. Next time I suggest gathering more people for more accurate data.
  8. Haha I should have guessed. Now that you mention it I think your brother once told me he was your brother. Yea sure it was fun playing warzone even when I got pwned xD Yes I am from Portugal. I've been doxxed by myself wow But you are on the list... (Now lol) Oh you haven't. Theres people here that have been playing minehut since 2015. Crazy stuff xD
  9. Now you are on the list. Im sure I missed 30 more people haha It truly has been a great time I guess xD
  10. This space is saved for the future EDIT: Kinda scared that I might run out of space to upload screenshots lol. Jeez the Reason for edit is still a thing?
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