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  1. Im quitting gaming for good. Why do I have to be against everyone lol
  2. and (this is going a little far xD)
  3. Well answering that question is not easy. Think about all the players that have gone through this server. I can list atleast 200 players that are/were interesting for many reasons. Now for my most interesting Minehut player pick? Uhh well tbh ill pass this one to someone else lol most interesting Minehut player?
  4. When cursing was allowed on minehut (not flamming tho). The day after the curse rule was removed, warzone was filled with cursing words. I can name atleast 5 very well respected players here who went savage that day and you would never ever think they would do that xD Funniest Minehut Staff Demote/Retire
  5. Aerhoe = Aerh = Dependency lol yea Aerh, you are literally just missing the e. Well you're clearly not him cuz he's been mod for more than 10 mins lol but idk maybe you could be relatedl ol
  6. OH MY DUDE YOU STILL REMEMBER HIM AHHHHH OFC MARCUS_ROMAN FOR OWNER Well thank you my man. Ill be leaving with 100 rep what a meme You are either granted the "wish" of becoming moderator on minehut, or the "wish" of being able to bring back one player server from the past at your choice. Which would you pick?
  7. Oh cmon you've got to be kidding me you are literally trying to be Aerhoe and join Kagaroo's club are you sure you're not Aerhoe's brother or smth?
  8. UGHHHH YOU'RE NOT AERHOE lol And I aint going to see my screenshots to see if you're on them. Dude you got 20+ different nicks aint got time for that lol xD wb btw
  9. I hear nothing what should I do
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