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  1. How's that even possible lol Also a freakin legal case. Thats what happens when people give laws absolute power xD Also what if the monkey owned the photo? What would they do lol
  2. yea thats right. Also for new players its actually pretty fun to try to defeat all the bosses because you got to get the best gear possible since you're bad at the game lol
  3. Woah ok Ill totally join your UHC next time despite the fact that I have 2 tests, 3 exams and 3 works to do
  4. Gaminger

    How to make zones

    I dont remember but given a rank you could do a region using the wood hammer, name it something (say r1) and then do something like \wg flag r1 b10 deny-entry true
  5. Gaminger


    Not that it matters because it already fails me quite alot xD
  6. index finger ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I will never join a UHC game of yours, traitor. Woah nice Ruffen, mine's to. I like math so much that I am literally taking a degree on that xD ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When did you punch a tree in minecraft for the first time? (when did you start playing minecraft)
  7. I will put it simple for you @Cxtch Minehut player servers do not belong to "Minehut's global server" which you may consider as the lobby. So yea if minehut player servers screw it up, since it doesn't belong to "Minehut's global server", its their fault lol
  8. Gaminger


    You can't steal what I don't have... *sadface*
  9. Gaminger

    What is this

    Thats why you should never name your account something random and you should think carefully. I never changed my nick and because of that I have no regrets haha (Not that I could change it anyway cuz you know the history, account belongs to my bro not me xD)
  10. Gaminger

    What is this

    But o_x_7, you are Jr. Mod ._. DISCLAMER: THIS IS JUST A JOKE
  11. Not that it "matters" because minehut always has to come back somehow xD (it matters ofc)
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