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  1. Btw answer the poll plz. I don't want 10 mins of my life go to waste just cuz you were too lazy to answer two questions
  2. Yea since everyone decided to do a "Do NOT", I guess ill just join in Do not lock this post plz. Guys contribute to this not getting locked by not breaking the rules. For the first time in my life I ask you guys to not create drama. (Can't believe I went from Drama King to forum kid lol)
  3. Gr8 now because of you Benny people are starting to do "Do NOT" forum threads. This will probably last until like 15th December Good job for changing the current flow of forum creating.
  4. Gaminger

    I like your name

  5. Is this some kind of low tier Zoomer meme?
  6. Cmon guys Back in my day we would brag about being lvl 100+ on Warzone, which was thought goal to reach. Now we brag about reputation on the forums. This is literally a reputation farm lol Now please do not react to this because if you do you're just contributing to my reputation increase, which does not change anything its just a random number that exists on this forum sadface
  7. boats should be the mascot of minehut.
  8. Cmon bro that isn't necessary. Minehut staff's decision tho Why are all of you scared because of drama? Theres like no drama at all here xD. This isn't even remotely close to the drama levels of 2016 lol Aside from his opinion on the lock on this thread, this guy said everything. Tbh all of you should just read what @91919 wrote and give your contribution if you have anything relevant to say. If all you guys got to say is plz lock this thread cuz drama then you're not really contributing at all xD. We should avoid drama but not go to the extreme of saying this is drama because it ain't lol
  9. Boi just give your opinion. Everyone likes a bit of drama!
  10. Pineapple pizza, please.
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