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  1. Me: *Joins blue on Warzone* Everyone else: #MetaRed Me:
  2. Generating infinite power is impossible because if it was possible minehut wouldn't go down soo often.
  3. Can we get the real Warzone back?
  4. Minehut now is bad because it is not Minehut 2016. The argument is valid because thats the argument everyone uses for Smash Bros Melee
  5. Instead of saying you can't, say you will do it.
  6. I found out in algebra that all groups with prime order are isomorphic to one specific group (Meaning there is only one group if the order is prime) Useless for you, absolutely useful for us. We shape the world with these facts and you don't even get it lol
  7. Finally, some good content. "What is up minehut nation, im your host Dar-wole, lets get riiiiiiiiiiiiiight into reviews!"
  8. @RyanDxxx its that time of the year to reset another adventure based player server isn't it?
  9. Im the last boss alongside boats, MarcusRoman and Doxically. Pixelific is going to be the supposed hero, thinking he is doing the right thing but in the end finds out he was doing the bad thing all along. MatteoGames is the annoying dog (kms..) Fagapoo barely makes it to the end (he's that weak optional partner that always collapses in midbosses and bosses fights) If you get Facto in your team you don't have to worry about money because he has that move that doubles your money in the end of a battle.. And as a side quest you learn the dark story of how minehut came to be. Its all Luuke's fault for not following his dream of doing a badlion ripoff and instead do a server of servers.
  10. What keeps you on Minehut? As of right now, nothing. I haven't joined the server in months. What kind of plans do you have on Minehut (things you're doing or want to do) Not get forum banned and troll around a bit. Things you like about Minehut Since I got my 123 lvls removed from warzone, since pixelific left and since there are no good player servers, nothing. Something you would change about/on Minehut and how you would change it Bring back summer 2016 oooooh yeaaaa (not the period when minehut went down and no one joined lul, that was like end of summer). Favorite memory on Minehut. You should have made this a favorites not just one moment. Probably when I got forum banned by Pixelific cuz of Fruuuits. Anything else you want to share! Yo Matteo are you still there? We should redo DDTSPrison and/or Runners. Fagapoo you should bring beans back. Atleast that was fun Im still waiting for Miners to come back Draconium...
  11. Guys don't install that client. It will allow you to be a minehut moderator, granting you the power to ban everyone just like boats did in the past.
  12. Ain't as stupid as him. Besides, he only lasted like a few months.
  13. Hello. I am very popular Minehut Drama King. Please have me in this, due to my abundance of fame.
  14. Can't see if it is advertising external servers or internal player servers
  15. Me and the boys wasting our time
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