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  1. How's that even possible lol Also a freakin legal case. Thats what happens when people give laws absolute power xD Also what if the monkey owned the photo? What would they do lol
  2. yea thats right. Also for new players its actually pretty fun to try to defeat all the bosses because you got to get the best gear possible since you're bad at the game lol
  3. Woah ok Ill totally join your UHC next time despite the fact that I have 2 tests, 3 exams and 3 works to do
  4. Gaminger

    How to make zones

    I dont remember but given a rank you could do a region using the wood hammer, name it something (say r1) and then do something like \wg flag r1 b10 deny-entry true
  5. Gaminger


    Not that it matters because it already fails me quite alot xD
  6. index finger ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I will never join a UHC game of yours, traitor. Woah nice Ruffen, mine's to. I like math so much that I am literally taking a degree on that xD ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When did you punch a tree in minecraft for the first time? (when did you start playing minecraft)
  7. I will put it simple for you @Cxtch Minehut player servers do not belong to "Minehut's global server" which you may consider as the lobby. So yea if minehut player servers screw it up, since it doesn't belong to "Minehut's global server", its their fault lol
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    You can't steal what I don't have... *sadface*
  9. Gaminger

    What is this

    Thats why you should never name your account something random and you should think carefully. I never changed my nick and because of that I have no regrets haha (Not that I could change it anyway cuz you know the history, account belongs to my bro not me xD)
  10. Gaminger

    What is this

    But o_x_7, you are Jr. Mod ._. DISCLAMER: THIS IS JUST A JOKE
  11. Not that it "matters" because minehut always has to come back somehow xD (it matters ofc)
  12. Gaminger

    Minehut 2015

    Lol k did Tricks revive just to necropost? Why is every old player coming back just to do a silly thing? rewrr came back to vote on Pixelific, Tricks came back to necropost, ... xD?
  13. Ah cmon now I gotta read this whole thing to give an opinion jeez. Because of that you're going to receive a Gaminger "I saw your post on how Minehut is damaging their own community." - Weird to see IceChuckyBear, one of the random many players I've seen in my begin here on Minehut, doing such a post. To think back then things were so diferent... @Sh0ot oh you bet I remember the good ol' days you could do drama everyday everytime xD. Well I feel you bro, I've also seen many old people I played and had fun with quitting minehut because "minehut is garbage now". I want to add that one of the things that (in my opinion) is not helping aside from all the things you said is the fact that there are no player servers like the old ones. The ones we had memories with you know? Thats also one problem we are currently facing. Wheres the Deathruns, beans, Miners, Deathbans, Classic Prisons, True Warzone, ect...? They are no where to be found. Heck even some cookie clicker servers were legit fun. Now I want to say here that I agree with no swear rules because reasons I am not going to detail here (YEA THE DRAMA KING JUST SAID THAT). I also want to say here that age might have an impact on how we see things and maybe thats also one of the reasons we don't find minehut as interesting as it was back then. But I agree, theres alot of different things that are not as good as they were back in the past. "Tbh I completely agree about how you said its turning more into a company than community" - Well figures. Luuke sold it to basically what is a company. Their goal is to gain something out of it. They said in the beggining they were not doing it for them $$$ but fact is they are taking time with it, they gotta somehow gain some sort of $$$, even if it is out of a youtube channel. " as i've been playing minehut for over 4 years now every year you see a difference, in how minehut is getting further and further from their community and their needs." - Well no tbh it is kinda hard to as futher as the Minehut shutdown in 2016 and the big drama xD. But yea I get what you're saying, its (kinda) right "The players really liked Tournaments and 3v3s and that brought together a stable community who genuinely enjoyed being competitive together while being friendly, and sometimes there was drama but thats what made minehut minehut." - Well yea but keep in mind that tournaments and 3v3s existed because Luuke's main goal back then was not the player servers but in doing pvp tournaments. Even if you say it was not Luuke's main goal, that was what he really wanted. Im not sure if Luuke did the tournaments and the 3v3s solely because of the community. My opinion is he didn't but who knows. But yea it is true, good times, friendly people that were funny to play around and some toxicity to get things spicy hehe "Staff members would host events that brought the community close like Karaoke nights or just really engaging with the community instead of always punishing" - Exactly, many different types of events that were really engaging. But I also have to agree that Minehut today still has some events, some of them done by players. " I feel like we've completely lost that community and instead was replaced with people who are in it for business" - Yea thats the feeling of everyone around here because they are basically a business. That fact shapes the players into being something different from what they were back in the ol' days, which makes it harder for old players because there are just a few of them and their impact is not as big as it was in the past. Also another thing to remember is that there are basically no good player servers (like the old originals). Player servers used to shape minehut by quite a bit. Its as if minehut lost its charm. " I guess some people do prefer that, but I think the staff members chosen should have a good engagement with the community and have a reasonable mindset." - Being a good moderator and engaging with players actually helps the server grow over time. Just being a good moderator might not be the best. " I do get that servers grow and people change but it's like they aren't making the effort in keeping what the old community loved" - Maybe they dont want to. Maybe they gain more in doing things this way. Think about it. If they are infact a business, they are (most likely) trying to maximize something, be it $$$, players or something I can't think of because I am bad at economics. Thing is, something is being maximized here, and whatever it is it probably isnt maximized if the old community and the old ways of leading the server stay. Thats why (I think) things are they way they are right now rewrr. Not saying that's the best for the players, ofc it isnt. But if they are a business they are sadly going to do things this way. And I kinda disagree with Sh0ot when he talks about how damaging the swear rules are. Yea sure they might damage us, but as Sh0ot said 10 year olds are everywhere here. They might even gain more players doing things this way. NOW I AM NOT SAYING THAT I AGREE WITH WHAT SUPER LEAGUE IS DOING OK DONT GET THAT IDEA FROM YOUR MIGHTY DRAMA KING. "if you brought some of those gamemodes (3v3s, Bedwars, Warzone Tournaments) back it could really make minehut grow even more, maybe get back some old players too." - Thats the best idea ever really, because if they want to get more players they can do it that way. Thing is, it might attract old players. Do they really want old players in their server? Does it helps them with maximizing whatever they want to maximize because they are a business? Thats the question here. "Maybe its a good idea to branch out from server making and provide official gamemodes for people who want something a bit more professional than player servers." - WARZONE, WARZONE, WARZONE "Is how Luuke always thought of what the players would enjoy." - Thing is, I think Luuke didn't care about players as much as you think he cared. If he really cared about the players, some things would have not happened thats for sure. Now yes I acknowledge he cared to some extent. "Minehut now is getting too 'kid friendly',for the discord atleast." - Well maybe that maximizes what they want as a business sadface "Now I got muted in the minehut discord for 3 months for a petty reason" - Boi I was permanently muted for literally typing fast. I've been muted for like what 9 months now? If you guys remember I type like this " Gaminger: _Rascal boi this map you just created is trash [BUILDER] _Rascal: Yea whatever [MOD] Pixelific: Gaminger please do not start any drama here on Warzone or else. Gaminger: Or else? Gaminger: Dude chill Gaminger: I ain't starting drama lol Gaminger: Its like Gaminger: im just messing Gaminger: with this build xDD BennyDoesStuff was shot by Gaminger Gaminger: LOL Kagaroo: HAHA rewrr: What xD Gaminger: GG Gaminger: BENNY Gaminger: WHAT WERE YOU Gaminger: ACTUALLY Gaminger: THINKING XDDD BennyDoesStuff: shut up MatteoGames: woof " (Typing each setence in 1 second). I got permanent muted for "flooding" chat because I was typing my (stupid yea I aknowledge) way. "minehut really does need a better punishing system" - I agree, punishments cant be as harsh as they are being. I am not saying swearing should come back but 3 months for a petty reason is quite a bit. Rules exist to maintain order. If you have rules but you can't maintain order well maybe your rules are not doing what they should do, which is maintain order. "The point of this post is to show players who didn't play minehut 4-5 years ago what it was like" - You did well my bro rewrr gj im proud of you "let the drama happen then you can have a reason to mute someone." - Yea exactly I agree. Thats what happened when I was banned on the forums by Pixelific ending of 2016... yea ._. The Gaminger by Gaminger, 19th of May 2020 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Ruffen said some interesting things about the rules there are. It helps seeing why some things are they way they are. Its also hard for them to keep up with the many things they have to do. Chilkins also mentions good playable servers and I agree that also affects some things. Theres a mix of things that are currently affecting minehut: - Current Rules - Low interaction between staff-players - lack of good player servers - Minehut becoming more of a business ALSO @Ceppy NO I HAVE NOT FORGOT ABOUT THE GAMINGER POST
  14. Miners by @Draconium. End 2015 - Early 2016 server
  15. Facto the rich boi EDIT: 420º post blaze it
  16. My opinion is Migqy wants a good gamemode for his server so he decided to pay some bucks for the best skript code considered by some experts xD
  17. Whats your favorite "(POLL) Favorite x" thread here on the forums? Mine is "(POLL) Favorite Minehut Staff?" EDIT: This should be on general because we are talking about minehut forums nice try newbs
  18. If you breath alot in and out through your mouth in a short time and then try to hold your breath, you will last longer. Don't do this often tho cuz its no good to breath in through your mouth lol
  19. WHAT TOROVORO IS THAT YOUNG? jeez talk about maturity. Had you not said that and I would assume he'd be near my age xD
  20. AH YEA AND TP BLOCKS XD Yea tbh I also learned alot with trying to get out of maps and stuff xD Most of the funny things I did were during end 2015 and mostly beggining of 2016. During the Minehut shutdown I was occupied doing drama on the forums (the most toxic forums I ever saw on minehut were right before the minehut shutdown, they were as toxic as it could get) and doing a player server named DDTSPrison, a classic prison server (I used to play alot classic prisons back in my early days of minecraft, they were legit fun: Very few ranks, C - B - A - Elite - Freedom, you had to work hard and there were guards, eventually you could go to freedom, real fun, not like the ones today in which you grind with over enchanted picks and 30x xp grains and other stuff).
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