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  1. pLaY vAlKnEt Where do I apply for CEO of Super League?
  2. Alfoe

    400th Post

    Tarna in 3 weeks: 1000th Post
  3. I have been attempting the Portal Speedrun and am getting better each day, added up, reached over 8,200 hours in Minecraft equivalent to almost an entire year in-game
  4. Trent, sometimes Michael no cap gives me the creeps Favourite Music Genre
  5. Alfoe

    Mining not working

    this does not surprise me
  6. I cant stop re-reading this literate genius
  7. Is Pixelific's even comparable? Best Minehut developer
  8. No, i used to talk to Aerh but not anymore now he is a stinky hypickle mod
  9. 100% the server one and I'd bring back Tqnk's Murder Mystery server that shit was the bomb Funniest Minehut Moment
  10. Whats with you and this Aerhoe person? the only person ik with a name similar to this is Aerh so unless thats him idk who your on about bossman
  11. Hey, I've got something for you: L for real tho, oof and yeah you cant get them back.
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