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  1. My friend list just got very purple
  2. has been a ride, thanks for the many times yall dragged me into staff vc so my ears don't drown in the screams of children, this key corner stone is gone and minehut really will never been the same, big brother taking over :)))
  3. before people come at me, I know it wasnt called Minehut and it was VASTLY different but just shush its the same server
  4. Well this is quite the big pog, I don't know the exact date because I don't know about you but I don't tend to jot down the exact dates of which I join servers especially when im a little kid but It has been approx 6 years since my original Minehut join date on one of my old accounts, It has been a wild ride and i am waiting for the day (If its still around) that I can say I've played Minehut for a decade danm i'll be nearly 20 then thats weird to think. Anyway thank you for all the good and bad memories the ups and downs the bans and unbans and the staff for being cool and everyone if met for usually- being cool :))
  5. Is there a way to disable 1. The Smashing lights at the top of the forum or at least the sound, its hella annoying and 2. The snow effect over the screen cus If i hear another light smash imma smash my IRL lights. Cheers, alfie
  6. Alfoe

    Uh... Hi?

    Yeah hi, i got banned from the Minehut discord like a month ago and havent touched Minecraft since I threw my entire bedroom out a window cause i raged over the ban, I still exist, hello. follow me on twitter @Alfoe_ i basically just harass @Bassouliand Jayden there
  7. pLaY vAlKnEt Where do I apply for CEO of Super League?
  8. Alfoe

    400th Post

    Tarna in 3 weeks: 1000th Post
  9. I have been attempting the Portal Speedrun and am getting better each day, added up, reached over 8,200 hours in Minecraft equivalent to almost an entire year in-game
  10. Trent, sometimes Michael no cap gives me the creeps Favourite Music Genre
  11. Alfoe

    Mining not working

    this does not surprise me
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