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  1. Hey, A player with this username has never joined Warzone. In case you were confused, this is an appealing system for a Minecraft server named Warzone, not Call of Duty: Warzone. Thread locked.
  2. Thanks for reporting! This report will be accepted. Additionally, when submitting a chat report, we ask that you make sure to include uncropped evidence.
  3. Thanks for reporting! This player has been banned. Next time when reporting, please make sure to use the correct format, as found here:
  4. You were without question having an unfair advantage in the form of No Slowdown. Additionally, if you were unaware, hacking is possible on Badlion Client. This appeal will be denied. You may re-appeal in 2 weeks. If you have any questions / comments, this will be unlocked for 24 hours.
  5. Hey, You were banned for the usage of illegal modifications. We don't make exceptions when it comes to this rule if the offender states that they intended to fight a hacker on the opposition. Regardless of whom you were cheating against, you still used an unfair advantage in the form of flight. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that N4cken_123 was recently banned, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to that. This appeal will be denied as you used an unfair advantage on Warzone. You can appeal again in 2 weeks. If you have any questions / comments, this post will be
  6. Thanks for reporting! This player has been punished. But, in the future please make sure to send uncropped screenshots while reporting players. In this case, we were able to validate this offense using #server-chat, however we would prefer if you didn't crop screenshots. Report accepted.
  7. This is a duplicate post. Thread locked.
  8. Appeal accepted. Your ban for butterfly clicking will be reverted, however if you would like to play on Warzone again, you will need to appeal your punishment for ban evasion.
  9. Please use the correct format whilst appealing, you can find that here. Appeal denied.
  10. Hey, Whilst you were playing on Warzone, you were suspected of using an illegitimate amount of reach. After coming to a conclusion on whether or not you had an unfair advantage, we made the decision to issue you a ban. However, after going through a couple of long videos, we found that there was an issue with a corrupt recording, so at this moment we cannot provide you with a video of the situation. This means that your punishment will be reverted, however if you are found to be breaking a rule in the future, the chances of an unban will be highly unlikely. Please make sure to
  11. I apologize that you had to encounter this player, and we understand your frustration. However, attempting to combat a rule breaker or someone that irritates you, by doing the same thing that they do, isn't going to work out. You were muted for telling a player (who is also now muted) to "stfu". Combined with your previous infractions, we deemed a one-day mute as the necessary punishment for this action. Warzone's staff team strives to keep the community clean and free of negative behaviour. If you have an issue with someone who is acting negatively towards you, please don't hesitate t
  12. Hey! Sadly, this report wasn't responded to because of new reports coming in at a fast pace, but I'm sure you'd be happy to know that the reported player was recently banned for Flight.
  13. Would also like to specifically state that you cannot log on with another account if your current one is banned on Warzone.
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