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  1. I am downloading my world from aternos. I wanted to move over so then my friends with bedrock could join. Not sure if there is something I have to do to make it work with Minehut, without losing our inventory.
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    One of my friends are playing on nintendo switch. Maybe that's the reason why it wasn't working?
  3. Hello, So I am also experiencing issues with bedrock players. When they load into the world, they cannot break anything. I as a java player, can break everything in sight. But they cannot. Is there anyway to solve this?
  4. Yes! It worked. The only problem is is that everyone has lost their inventory.
  5. Also, I'm importing straight from another server. Will that be a problem?
  6. I'm not sure. I'm just using the link that I copied from mediafire.
  7. I'm having some difficulties uploading a world to my server. I've tried using the in-game and via website uploading process but they don't seem to work. When I upload in-game, it says my files are invalid. I am using mediafire because 100 megabytes isn't enough. When I upload via website, it says it gets the files, but it doesn't transfer to the world. I have used /worlds and it still doesn't show up.
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