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  1. Try debug it; does the cooldownManager line actually trigger? add a broadcast just before it to check if it triggers when you rightclick the item. Then test the cooldownManager with other commands to see if it's working or not. Essentially, you're trying to figure out what's not working to fix it.
  2. I don't think suspending servers is necessarily a negative; minehut has rules to keep it family friendly and for ages 13 and above. Because of this, suspending servers that are in violation of the rules is necessary. (Most of the servers we suspend have inappropriate names, motds, pictures in game using item frames, etc). Other than that, we also suspend for botting since it gives servers an 'unfair advantage' per se on the server browser (also because bots aren't allowed)
  3. Moved to the correct section, please post in Help in the future!
  4. Hey! If you feel that your server was wrongfully suspended, you can appeal it here. (https://forums.minehut.com/forum/195-server-suspension-appeals/)
  5. IIRC minehut masks each IP Address, not each player. If you log in on an alternate account, your masked IP will still be the same, and you will still be ip banned on a server.
  6. This is a pretty common misconception people get, which is why it's pretty important to know how ip addresses work. While yes, an IP address can be used to attack people with fake traffic, it's really not something you should be afraid of (and if you are, you should be using a vpn). If you are being threatened by someone claiming to have your IP, you really shouldn't feel threatened because 95% of the time it's a child / wannabe hacker feeling powerful because they know how to use a terminal. Your IP is a unique identifier specific to your TCP/IP network, I wont go into too many complicated concepts, in a nutshell the way you browse the internet or receive feedback from search results is by packets being sent over the TCP protocol with your ip address, the receiver's ip and the data/payload. Because of this, the receiving end can see your IP (for example a website you're interacting with), and you can see theirs. What can you do with someone's ip? Well, while nobody would want to go through the effort to hack the average person, theoretically if they wanted to, they could attempt to get into your machine or router by bruteforcing ports or various other methods but your computer's firewall, router and isp usually block all these sorts of exploits. (Keep in mind hacking into a computer from just an IP is in no way a simple task). They can also track your geographical location usually to the city or nearby city of your ISP provider, but unless you live in a rural area where you can be narrowed down easily, you're basically safe. Other than that, you can also experience scriptkiddies trying to 'dos' you offline by sending a lot of traffic to your network, however it rarely ever happens and in the case it does, you could contact your ISP and get it handled relatively easily. When should you hide your ip? When you want to hide your searching activity from your ISP, when you're trying to avoid ads from tracking you, when you want to protect your data from the government tracking you, and to get around geographical network blocks. TLDR: You should not be worried about your IP on a minecraft server, but if you still are unsure, use a VPN.
  7. You'll have to look at the history of Warzone; it was originally created by Luuke (the founder of minehut) some time around 2015. Since then it's been maintained by various people, now being maintained by Benny and a few others.
  8. It seems that either a plugin is interfering with the command or permission, or it's been blocked with a skript What plugins do you have installed? (check on the dashboard or on discord), or alternatively /bukkit:plugins
  9. Perhaps you're just in a different timezone to the one set in the config? Tab Reborn's time placeholder is native to the region the server is being hosted in, however you can still offset it in the config. Look for the option something along the lines of time offset and alter it with +number or -number to get it with your own timezone. Assuming you don't know how to get to the config: - Open file manager on the panel - Go to plugins - Click on Tab Reborn - Click on config.yml Please note that these may or may not be the exact steps as I don't have any time to test this. Source: https://github.com/NEZNAMY/TAB/wiki/config.yml#placeholderstime-offset
  10. Looks good to me. Source: https://github.com/TheLimeGlass/Skacket
  11. nicholxs

    Plugin Request

    Hi! Please remember to follow the correct procedure by creating a post in the suggestion section next time. In regards to the plugin, it is currently outdated (doesn't support minecraft 1.16.3), with its most recent version being 1.16.
  12. Moved this to the help section. Please remember to post in the correct section next time! In regards to your issue, what kind of things are you changing in the skellet config? And to answer your question, you can use /skellet reload to reload it from in game.
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