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  1. Hello The player has been handled. Thanks for reporting the user.
  2. Noah

    False Ban

    Hello, After close review of the clips, it does look like you’re using an elytra while playing. Sorry for the inconvenience of the punishment. Appeal Accepted.
  3. Hello, The user has been dealt with ^-^ Thanks for the report.
  4. So understanding here, you can not jitter click 30cps (that’s not possible). The only allowed click methods are normal / jitter click methods. For more information check out here Gameplay Rules Section - Rule 8
  5. Hello, The point of limiting what click methods to use on the server is to stop the usage of unfair click methods such as butterfly, drag, triple roll or any other illegal clicking methods. Those clicking methods give a huge advantage compared to normal clicking or even jitter clicking.
  6. Hello, You were caught spamming our anticheat alerts multiple times. After watching you closely it was determined you were using an illegal click method or modification. Clip 1 shows that you’re using a method that’s not profoundly allowed. Starting at 0:03 - 0:09 you were placing an large amount of blocks quite fast with blocks being placed up. 1:02 - 1:11 It isn’t much but you did start to bridge well then straight into a diagonal bridging. 1:43 - 1:50 Did the same as the first time stamp at the same speed. Clip 2. 0:04 - 0:13 You were caught placing blocks
  7. Hello, I will be accepting this appeal. I would like to mention that it is suggested as you should not connect with vpns as it does link you to other accounts that maybe banned. Accepted.
  8. Hello, You were found linked to multiple banned accounts. Do you connect with VPN accounts a ton?
  9. Hello, I will be accepting this appeal. I would also suggest your brother to appeal the mute for no more future issues. Please read the rules to ensure that you know what’s allowed/disallowed right here.
  10. I’m on whenever now
  11. Hello, Reviewing the clips it’s been acknowledged that it’s insufficient. Your ban will be lifted and you will be able to play again. I suggest reading the server rules located here. Appeal Accepted.
  12. Hello, would you be able to prove yourself to be siblings? Either play together at the same time or in a chat say you’re different people. Let me know when you can
  13. Hello, Got a question for you, what click method do you use on both RMB / LMB?
  14. Hello, Sorry but I will be denying this appeal. You yourself knew that it was not good to say those messages and still proceeded to do it. From what I see that the messages were disgusting and not appropriate for other members to have seen. Suicide Encouragement is strictly not allowed at all on Warzone. We have strict rules/policies for users to follow. Also from your last appeal you wrote it shows that you’re not ready to be unmuted on Warzone. You will be waiting out your punishment until it runs out. I would suggest for you to read the rules located here.
  15. Hello After the clips were looked over it’s to be that the clips were not sufficient enough to warrant a ban. You will be unbanned. Sorry for the inconvenience. Accepted.
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