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  1. Noah


    Hello! Welcome to minehut ♡
  2. Noah


    To ban a user off your server use the following command /ban (username) and to unban a user, /pardon (username)
  3. Reported Player's IGN: Video/Image Evidence: Additional Information: If providing a video, please shorten down the video or include timestamps.
  4. IGN (In Game Name): Banned or Muted? Ban/Mute Reason: Length of Ban/Mute: Are you Guilty?: Additional Information: If denied please wait a 2 week period before re-appealing your ban.
  5. Noah

    baguette furry

  6. My favorite staff members Sr Mod: boats / jellz Moderator(s): Eve / Sqyid Jr Mod: draemworks
  7. Noah

    mute appeal

    Hello, there is no way for your punishments to be cleared from your account history. Certain punishments such as your mutes can be overlooked when applying for staff, it just depends on what you were punished for.
  8. Here is the correct place to appeal your ban that you were given. Appeal here
  9. cooli Favourite server :: Haha it’s clearly warzone, started playing the original version and still play it. Pretty fun server to this day
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