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  1. it's extremely unlikely that a Minehut Administrator abused their powers to grief your server, if you have not opped anyone else on the server except for your friend, it's most likely your friend who's causing the destruction
  2. Contact members of the U.S Secret Service. Does Minehut have an election?
  3. install the plugin 'Shopkeepers'
  4. join Warzone does minehut have an official livestream of the U.S election
  5. Walk 5 laps around the Minehut lobby. What is Minehut?
  6. Residents


    could you please clarify what you mean by 'mode'? if you're asking if you can make your server restricted to bedrock, you can't unless you use Skript (refer to Tarna's comment) if you want to know how to join your server with bedrock,
  7. you can whitelist your server, so that the only people allowed to join are the people you choose /whitelist on /whitelist add <username>
  8. i'm assuming you're on 1.16.4, Minehut is updated to 1.16.4 yet
  9. Residents

    Server outdated

    i'm assuming you're on 1.16.4, Minehut is updated to 1.16.4 yet
  10. Residents


    i assume you're on 1.16.4 -
  11. Residents

    the lag is REAL

    sometimes Minehut experiences a lot of lag due to a large quantity of players on the network but your server can also be causing the lag, restarting it should usually fix it, or try minimizing the redstone contraptions / farms you have (if you do have any)
  12. Residents

    Random Ban

    your friend can appeal at this link
  13. according to a few Minehut users, Lockette is the best plugin for this
  14. i suggest asking here or #marketplace on the Minehut Discord (discord.gg/Minehut)
  15. you can gain credits by voting
  16. Purchase a rank. How do I buy a server?
  17. Due to various political issues in modern society. Where do I sign up for Owner?
  18. Residents

    I need help

    type /op (username) to grant them administrator permissions if they want to have access to console (there is no live console, only a box for you to send server commands in) / panel, you will have to give them the account details to your panel
  19. Residents

    Sever version

    unfortunately you cannot do anything to speed up the process of updating your server, when a new update is released, minehut needs to wait until the majority of plugins are updated to that version, and everything seems relatively stable to roll out an update at the moment, i believe minehut servers are updated to 1.16.3
  20. do you have a region plugin set up? the thing that's causing this could be spawn protection // region protection, allow players to interact with blocks and the problem should be solved if you are unsure of how to do this, let me know what plugin you're using and i'll happily assist
  21. try logging in without Wurst, also remove the plugins that are red and see if that works
  22. this is the correct category for asking for help in regards to Skript
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