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  1. BennyDoesStuff


    Sorry about the late reply, looks like a cool plugin! Will look into adding to Minehut.
  2. Locked, please include a link to the plugin page before suggesting a plugin.
  3. This plugin does not work on the current version of Minecraft and hasn't been updated in around 3 years now. Will not add this.
  4. BennyDoesStuff


    I'm not really seeing any issues with Essentials.... I have this plugin on both my servers and they both seem to work just fine with it installed.
  5. Looks like a cool plugin! Will look into adding this to Minehut.
  6. Vixio is an open sourced plugin so there's nothing preventing us from adding it, which is why it's on Minehut. As per the suggestion, aware. Will update it as soon as we can.
  7. Minehut has already updated to the latest version of DeluxeMenus.
  8. Already updated earlier today.
  9. It hasn't even been a week. But, we had some issues with both those plugins which might prevent us from being able to add them to Minehut.
  10. Like stated above, the plugin hasn't been updated in so many years and will most likely not be compatible with the current Minecraft version.
  11. BennyDoesStuff


    Locked. Please send a link to the exact plugins you would like added to Minehut.
  12. Like said above, this plugin is extremely outdated so we are unable to add this to Minehut.
  13. Updated earlier today.
  14. Someone already made a post about this plugin.
  15. Looks like Minehut is already on the latest version of this plugin.
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