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  1. I've recognized you and have seen you already Minehut a ton, sucks to see you go. Come back to us occasionally!
  2. What’s your all time favorite server on Minehut? Over time, a ton of servers has came and went and over the years, what would you say was your favorite server that you’ve played on Minehut. Just interested in what servers people have liked playing, you can respond with more than one if you enjoyed playing multiple servers. A server I actually quite enjoyed was FlagClash, that always seemed like a fun server and minigame to play.
  3. Moved to the correct category, in the future please ask for help in the help category. Thank you!
  4. Moved to the correct category, locked.
  5. Kailum has also rejoined the staff team (of course a few hours after I post this ;c)!
  6. New Minehut Staff Members! Give a round of applause to the 7 new players that will be joining the Minehut staff team as Junior Mods as well as the few staff members receiving promotions or returning to the staff team! Over the next couple of months, the new junior mods will be going through a trial to see if they will make it to the Moderator rank. If you see them in-game, on the Discord server, or in the forums make sure to give them a congratulations! Check out below to learn more about the hobbies and adventures of our new staff members. @DeltaRays Junior Moderator -> Moderato
  7. Hey, you've mentioned before about adding this like ProjectKorra add ons like jed-core. I was wondering if there were any updates on that? PK on minehut definitely needs an update (both with jedcore and like theres an updated version).

  8. BennyDoesStuff


    Hey @LittleSkyDude I'm sorry about the experience you've had while seeking help on the forums. In the future, do keep in mind that the purpose of the logs is to help troubleshoot and figure out what's causing the issues you were experiencing on the server. The IP that you see next to your username when you login isn't your real IP, our proxies put a 'fake' IP there automatically to ensure that anyone who gets your logs or anything can't use it to do anything malicious against you. Again, I'm so sorry you were having issues with Minehut and if you have any other questions or concerns, feel free
  9. BennyDoesStuff


    It has been great working with you, I hope you don't forget us and all the memories you've made on Minehut over the past few years.
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