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  1. I think you're able to watch the promo video once a day until the promotion ends, so for now I think that's your best bet. You could probably save up a decent number of credits if you continue to vote and watch the video everyday.
  2. Thanks for your question, in the future please be sure to post your questions in the correct category (Help category). Thank you, have a great day!
  3. Hey there! Firstly, I'm extremely sorry about the delay in a response on your appeal. With recent situations, our response time to appeals hasn't been the best and I hope we'll be able to increase that in the future. Continuing on to your actual appeal, I'm not really too sure if enough time has passed for you to learn your lesson. While I completely understand that you were only messing around and you didn't mean to cause any actual harm towards the server, hacking is not permitted under any circumstances as it negatively affects other players and ruins their game play. With that being said,
  4. Try starting your server and then putting in the command gamerule randomTickSpeed 3 a minute or 2 after you start it in the Server Commands box on the panel. It might take a few minutes after you put in the command and sometimes you might need to put it in a few times, but that should help solve your issue.
  5. You can give yourself permissions by OPing yourself from the panel. There should be a box called "Server Commands" where you can type commands in. Simply type /op (your username) to give yourself permissions. You can also check out a YouTube tutorial for that here:
  6. Please make sure you're using the IP bedrock.minehut.com and the port 19132. Once you join that IP, you can use /join (server name) in chat to join your server.
  7. Please do not respond to posts that hasn't been active in over a month. Thank you! Locked.
  8. This is actually an extremely cool idea and script, good job on it! I haven't checked out the script too much but if it works well then I would definitely recommend for others to use it.
  9. Please do not necro-post, locked.
  10. Please post it in the correct category in the future, I’ve gone ahead and moved it for you.
  11. Not currently, but that would be a pretty cool feature! Suggest it over at https://github.com/Minehut/Meta
  12. I'm not sure if we're going to be adding a command for that. At the moment it doesn't exist but we could always consider something like that in the future. For now, using a mod to do that would probably would out pretty well for you.
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