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  1. This Week's New Plugins! This week we added 8 new plugins to Minehut! Check out the list of ones we added below. AnimatedInventory Armor Stand Editor BadlionClientModAPI Gamemode Inventories InventoryFull+ Multiverse-Inventories PlayerWarps Skript Addon: skript-logs Updates: View the plugins we updated this week here!
  2. We would love to eventually support modded servers! Right now, this isn't too possible and it's not something that's coming in the near future but it's definitely a feature we would like to eventually add.
  3. The issue with Votifier is that it requires us to open up a port to allow servers to connect to the voting website and communicate the votes properly. Based on how Minehut is currently setup and ran, this isn't currently possible on Minehut. Additionally, the version you linked is not maintained anymore and hasn't been updated in 4 years now.
  4. Like stated above, this is a script not a plugin. You can already add this to Minehut by installing the Multiverse, Skript, and SkQuery plugins and putting the script file in the Skript folder located in the File Manager.
  5. The only issue I would have with this is it's a paid plugin, not a free one. This means we would need to get permission from the plugin developer first before we are able to add it to Minehut.
  6. We sadly are unable to add this plugin as it could be used maliciously on Minehut.
  7. Noted. Will look into adding.
  8. benny why are u so beautiful


    1. BennyDoesStuff


      not too sure about that one

  9. This Week's Plugin Updates (35) - August 19th ajParkour AuctionHouse BedWars BetterSleeping CommandDoesNotExist CommandPrompter CraftingStore DeathMessagesPrime Dupe Fixes / Illegal Stack Remover Enjin GetSpawners GriefPrevention Flags HungerGames Jobs Reborn LastHolo MarriageMaster MassiveCore MassiveFactions Matrix MF Hoppers MineableSpawners MineResetLite MudgeClicker ProtocolSupport QuickShop Reremake RankGrant+ Sentinel Sk-NBeeT Spleef TNTRun UltimateChat 2 UltraBar UltimateCosmetics WorldEditSUI WorldSystem Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here
  10. That's an interesting idea though, I'll keep it in mind. Might have to change it up a bit but maybe sometime in the far future that could be apart of the application process
  11. If you would like to suggest a plugin, please provide a link to the plugin page. Thanks!
  12. ~ Changing your server version + plugin versions I don't see enough benefit to require adding these features. Changing Plugin Versions: A majority of users would not use this feature and if anything, it would only confuse the inexperienced users who might not know if the latest version is better compared to any specific version. It would take a toll on our storage as we would need to store multiple versions of every plugin in our plugin list, not just 1 jar. I'm not sure if this is worth it compared to the benefits we would get from adding a feature like this (barely anything). Changing Server Versions: According to Minecraftservers.org, 70% of servers are running on Minecraft 1.13 or later. Only 7% of Minecraft servers are actually running on version 1.8. People only want 1.8 because of the combat and 1.15 is going to revamp combat (coming soon). People might only want 1.12.2 because of the performance improvements (which Mojang said that 1.15 will also improve performance by a lot as well). This would also make maintaining the plugin list much harder as we would need to maintain different lists for different plugins as well as keeping all those plugins up to date. 1.14 plugins doesn't work on 1.12.2/1.8 and the opposite is the same. I'm not too sure if it's worth supporting older Minecraft versions if most of our users are already using the latest version as well as most Minecraft servers out there are using one of the newer versions of Minecraft. Server Icons (Both Minehut server list and the Minecraft server list) Minehut Server list: Yes, this is something we are considering and we have had conversations about this in the past. Minecraft Server List: Right now, you can upload a server-icon.png but it wouldn't show up because pinging your Minehut server IP is pinging our proxies and not the server itself. Adding a feature like this would require us making a custom fork of BungeeCord (our proxy) and making changes so the server icon is passed forward to the server ping. While it should be possible, I wouldn't exactly have an idea on if/when something like this would be added. Co users This is a feature we would like to add, but at the moment it's not something that we are working on or planning to start working on. Getting unused server names A user's server name should not be automatically changed unless someone specifically requests that name. Maybe we could have it so if someone wants a name someone has and the server hasn't started up in the past 4/6 months, it would send them an email. If they don't start the server within a week of that email being sent, it could let you claim the name afterwards. I think a system like this would be better and would give the owner a heads up before actually letting someone else take the name. Add more 'Items Per Page' Settings Yeah I don't see an issue with adding a "100" item. I'm completely against showing all the plugins at once though, that would most likely lag the panel as it would need to load all the plugins as well as make the page extremely long so I'm not too sure if anyone would actually use a feature like that. If people are trying to install plugins, they can just search for it instead of listing all the plugins on 1 page and trying to find it there.
  13. Hopefully this is a feature we'll be able to add sometime in the near future.
  14. We're going to be increasing our server capacity fairly soon and we don't want someone's server to turn off before they even have a chance to join the server.
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