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  1. thanks my bad I have a habbit of reading part minded I will work on finishing completing the sentences next time
  2. Sadly people will give you the same reason I an giving you not everyone knows skript and there for rely on plugins however just as @DucksDontsaid the plugin is outdated
  3. most likely wont due to the updates to Minecraft
  4. Graphick2Work

    Vixio 2.0.1

    Bitz doesn't even want MH to have Vixio XD he said he has asked/told them to remove it many times
  5. Graphick2Work


    you need to edit the Essentials config,yml in the console once you do that you can use shops and other stuff with signs Default area What you need
  6. There is already a plugin like that the name is ChangeSkin
  7. bumb I'm not the only one who has been getting annoyed by this right this post has about now reach 1 week of being here but yet no response to it from any staff that is really just sad EDIT: Please note I am not trying to come off rude or anything it is just annoying when you see people that make a post and less then half a day later they get a reply this has been going on for a week now
  8. @VenomAndEddie that is why you should allow me to join in the development it's as simple as that
  9. i want to join let me join please just allow me to join i won't be a bother
  10. I've yet to understand why people feel the need to type it also
  11. can i join in this server's development i really want to join let me join i know people so you should let me join i really want to join this is totally me not being sleep deprived please let me join for real let me join i will force you to let me join for real mate let me join i'm a really cool bean said my mom she said i was 4 of a kind
  12. the plugin would allow servers like mine that require you to use 1.14 - 1.14.2 more stuff to do and a way to edit villager trades in 1.14
  13. MiSK Skript Addon For skript 1.14+ (1.14.1+ says the site but tested in 1.14 versions) | Should only work for servers who use only 1.14 no idea if ProtocolSupport works with it if you have it added Reason to add: I feel like this skript addon should be added as it adds a lot of useful things for skript users who's servers require you to player in 1.14+ such as the ability to add custom trades for 1.14 villagers along with tons of syntax changes and new syntax added to it that no other skript addon might have/updating old syntax along with stuff vanilla skript doesn't have What does it add: MiSK adds a lot of useful to much for me to type so here is a picture instead LINK: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/misk-addon-1-14-1.67507/
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