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  1. i just saw an old conversation that u were in, and you said i can upload my minehut world to a singleplayer world, i dowloaded the file through the game and got the link, but i dont know how i make it into a singleplayer world, any help?:D

    1. poopapoopa123


      You want to go to planet mincraft and dowload the map and searh it up in files and click it it has to be a zip thanks 😄

  2. well its better than the others, and has a gui menu... and way better and easy to configure,
  3. stop responding then not wanted
  4. kiddo, ur funny, ur thoughts, comments not wanted
  5. i didn't ask for your opinion... or thoughts.. again
  6. Can DeluxMenus be updated.... 1.12.0 https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/deluxemenus.11734/ and can Quest be added, as been tested and works on 1.14.4? https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/▶-quests-◀-set-up-goals-for-players.23696/ i did asked before, but all was tested and all works fine and .. no errors
  7. Jest007


    is this plugin gonna get added?
  8. Jest007


    check your facts 1st before posting..i tested it on 1.14.4 and works perfect, so check before commenting.
  9. Jest007


    Request a Quest plugin to be added https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/▶-quests-◀-set-up-goals-for-players.23696/ i used this one before and its great as comes with GUI....
  10. Shop plugin has been updated finally. untested tho https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/shop-conjurate-now-in-1-14.66651/
  11. Jest007


    did'nt ask if use, i said it needs updating
  12. Jest007


    Bedwars needs updating, from 0.1.5 to 0.1.6
  13. not sure on this as recent saw.. if have multiverse they got seed option..maybe try changing in there save and see if that works..not tried was looking for something else and saw had a seed option.. maybe worth a try
  14. ... **TIP:** Use the `/dl world <world name>` to make **Backups** or your server `Worlds`, and `copy and paste` any `plugin configs` you want to keep!!... *Worlds* on `some occasions` have some how been `deleting` them self, for unknown reasons, so do Regular **Backups**.
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