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  1. With pex one mistake in config will stop it from working...check permission.yml make sure no errors
  2. dose it shut down when afk?, as no activity the server will stops.. try `setidletimeout 2880` setting to 0 can prevent some players from joining, (what i heard and been told) ..*1440 = 1 day*
  3. should remove spawn protect /gamerule spawnRadius 0

    1. Zyelix


      That worked! Thank you.

  4. just mean may need updating...to work on 1.14.2..just keep checking as will be updated when author updates the plugin Check logs for errors and if did or dint load too
  5. is it just at spawn... as theres spawn protect and you cant change... just move spawn
  6. make sure the zipped world folder has no spaces or not in capitals..
  7. only ways is to make folder's and upload each file...in there separate folders
  8. after doing command and getting link..click link it will take to site to download your saved world
  9. Jest007


    can use credit for minehut Ranks.. and player slots/ram.. more slots gets u more ram
  10. great plugin to add to collection has a few good feature, announcements, tab, scoreboard and more.. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/titlemanager.1049/
  11. Essentials & Essentials Spawn are separate plugins, essentials spawn allows u to set spawn, so when a player do /spawn they will teleport to that spot.
  12. ingame chat do /dl world <world name>
  13. if u have a region in the pvp arena, you can set a flag to item-pickup deny
  14. Uploading a world, *Name example*: `world_light or light, use _ for space and no caps, NOT world light or Light` **zip** the world folder..then **Option 1.** use *world settings* to upload zip file and your world will be in */worlds* (make sure server is running while uploading and someone is online so dont go in **hibernation**) **Option 2.** upload zipped world folder to a data site i.e (**www.file.io** or **other**) copy *link*.. then ingame chat type `/ul world <world name> <link>` **i.e** `/ul world wonder https://file.io/UWiZBg` ... You can use and see in */worlds*, no saving or restarting needed.. with prefix `ul_<NAME>` - (restart server if don't show). If you use *multiverse* it wont show until you **import** the world `/mv import <world name> normal` ... Extra: uploading a *schematics*.. use **option 2** but dont need to be a zipped file. `/ul schematic <name.schematic/schem> <link>` **i.e** `/ul schematic test.schematic https://file.io/UWiZBg`
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