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  1. iGalaxy

    Vixio 2.0.1

    Vixio needs updating to 2.0.1, which was released today (Not sure if Minehut has its own fork, if so, the update needs to be merged) https://github.com/iBlitzkriegi/Vixio/releases/tag/v2.0.1
  2. Prompted to install new version (2.10.3) when I joined my server - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/placeholderapi.6245/
  3. iGalaxy

    Perfect Server?

    Already exists, it's called "Minehut".
  4. dark mode when

  5. iGalaxy

    Do you remember...

    Remember back when Luuke made the free tier something like only 5 player slots and with a really small world border?
  6. Pretty self-explanatory. Option is located in server.properties, shouldn't be hard to implement.
  7. The version that Minehut is on is b1692, while the latest build on the Jenkins page for Citizens2 is b1704. Since Minehut switched to PaperSpigot, Citizens2 has stopped working. Updating to this version may fix it, as Citizens2 for 1.14.2 is in beta. https://ci.citizensnpcs.co/job/Citizens2/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/dist/target/Citizens-2.0.25-b1704.jar cc @BennyDoesStuff
  8. We're an upcoming server network. Our current project is "Runevale", a fully featured RPG releasing in Open Alpha sometime in July.
  9. iGalaxy

    Desktop or Laptop

    Desktop, god help you if you play on a laptop with a trackpad.
  10. Petrified Oak Wood Slab. (Also known as "Alpha Slab", was re-introduced in 1.14 so it didn't show up as a missing block) Good for retexturing to make a custom slab, as it's not obtainable in survival.
  11. iGalaxy

    Dark Mode

    They're good for work/school, but they're not exactly performance powerhouses
  12. iGalaxy

    Dark Mode

    I have the same complaint
  13. Neat, now we can finally use the Skript features that require Paper!
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