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  1. Sounds great but you can also use CraftingStone. Its amazing, they take a smaller cut from your sales and its all free. If you choose to go premium than its far cheaper than Tebex ever will be. They also have a way more advanced system for adding commands to purchases and everything. You should really check it out.
  2. I just found this new plugin that is free and its actually a must have for every server. No more skripting GUIs no more Deluxe Menus (Its supports Deluxe Menus and actually converts them over). Its amazing and its free! https://songoda.com/marketplace/product/trmenu-18-115-advanced-menu-dynamic-animated-titles-items-24-icon-actions.241 The features are insane, you can do basically anything you'd like!
  3. Its a GUI Editor for the Popular plugin "Quests" Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/questsgui.71666/
  4. Could you guys please update Quests again but to 3.8.6? Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi there, I have seen that there have been a few premium plugin requests accepted and I'm hesitant to request a premium plugin but here goes it. I would like to request DeathChest Pro. If you guys don't want to buy it for us than please consider getting us the free one so we can still have DeathChests. The free version is practically pointless in having and that is why i'm suggesting the paid one. FREE: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/free-deathchest-1-8-1-14-x-no-more-losing-items-after-death.35800/ PRO (PAID): https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/pro-deathchest-1-8-1-15-x-no-more-losing-items-after-death.63316/
  6. For the lack of a better term, You guys need to set your developers on overdrive to create a "Spigot Validator" many popular plugin creators have Discord servers. Those discord servers have bots that simply require you to enter in you spigot account name along with something in you bio to validate yourself like "TechVerification" as you can see below. Another popular plugin team is Songoda, they use to use this method before switching to their own website. I know it should take some time but I feel that us server creators finally deserve a bit more freedom when it comes to plugins. We are far too dependent on the MineHut team for plugin releases and plugin Updates. You (MineHut Devs and Staff) are most likely familiar with server.pro. They have a very nice and unique way of allowing players to search for Spigot / Bukkit plugins without ever needing to leave the page... They don't have to manually add new plugins or even plugin updates. In fact their plugin browser is automated and always provides the latest updates allowing their users to never have to beg and h****le them for an update. Now you guys have done an amazing job and this is simply just an amazing idea and I know you guys can do it, really I truly believe you can do this.... I don't know how to make my idea(s) but i know the basics and if you know how to code and others know how to generate a basic structure for you to work off of then its extremely possible. So first off to get your mind rolling a bit, you're going to need to hook into Spigot. I'm sure somewhere some how Spigot has a plugin database and if not then plan B is making a Spigot resources scraper (just a Web Scraper for spigot). It looks into specific sub-domains such as https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ and https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/categories/premium.20/. From their you should be able to work with Spigot to be able to make like a Plugin Browser Search bar that us users type in keywords for plugins and it finds Spigot Resources with those keywords (you should understand what I mean... you guys have a similar system but just for imported plugins.) Now as i'm writing this, yeah there are plugins that might be able to cause harm to the service and that is why you blacklist those plugins in the case that Spigot doesn't catch it and it gets verified and published to the site (EXTREMELY UNLIKELY as they pay very good attention to this stuff as they have been for years and years). See this should be a very secure way for players to obtain premium plugins in which they own and also free plugins that users don't want to depend on you to manually add. The reason I say it is pretty secure is because you still are not allowing users to manually add the .jar file meaning they can't use cracks or leaked resources and you cant really disagree because you cant possible download a cracked plugin or resource on Spigot. Posted resources have to get verified and made sure they are not malicious / illegal and so on. Below will also be a screenshot / gif of how server.pro's plugin browser works. Another extreme benefit for you guys is that you would gain more players by this because there is more freedom to users and it unlocks far more potential. One last idea i want to push just a bit is the server name length limit. It could seriously be improved from anywhere between 2 - 5 more character space please. https://gyazo.com/d13268e3b146a9bd807c2892234bc01f. If you have any questions or would like to talk to me more in depth about this please feel free to DM me on Discord @ EarthAgar#8806. I would love to work with you guys on this if possible in any way, please accept this idea and if you would so politely DM if the team is considering this as it would be awesome to know that this may come to MineHut.
  7. Link https://songoda.com/marketplace/product/ultimateclaims-the-ultimate-claiming-plugin.65
  8. Here is the plugin link https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/moar-bows.36387/
  9. When I start my server I noticed in logs that it was giving an error (Click Here). The plugin doesn't load properly and doesn't get enabled, the plugin is also listed red in the plugins list shown by the command "/pl". I would love for you guys to keep the plugin around but just figure out the issue as it is a really good plugin.
  10. UltimateClaims loads perfectly fine with no errors or issues what so ever but for some reason when I use the command "/c claim" it crashes my server. I would love for you guys to keep the plugin around but just figure out the issue as it is a really good plugin.
  11. Could you please allow us to make larger server names. There are so many good server names taken up by inactive servers simply started up once and never to be used again. I feel that allowing us to have 12 - 15 characters vs. 10 would be a lot better. 10 is very Limiting and it really sucks as a legit server owner when i have a new good server idea / name and i come to find out that i cant do MutatedMC, Mutants, Defective, Defectives, DefectiveMC (Too long by 1 character), and neither DefectMC.
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