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  1. mh dosen't allow paid pl's normally
  2. is this allowed on minehut?
  3. also you can always retexture unstackable items
  4. Can't seem to find a way to do this in skript with the exact code, although found a thread on sk unity saying you could give items different NBT data which would make them unstackable.
  5. I mean they added a plugin that has the same functionality as /gamerule doImmediateRespawn true
  6. quick007


    don't think it does all the time..
  7. iirc paper patched this, not mh.
  8. maybe try applying the setting on the panel and restarting the sever?
  9. actually seems like the servers don't need it, only the players as long as they have the mod installed
  10. quick007


    can you please leave the origional post and make sure to try and expain (if you can) how you fixed it to help other players with the same issue?
  11. try using /join in a lobby as that ussually is a better way of joining (also maybe server cap was hit?)
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