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  1. Looks like this post just got...Tacticaled No but like seriously dude give some reasoning don't just go around down voting things for no apparent reason. Anyways I think this should be added and I really don't care for the reasoning that Minehut administrators have given us. "It's not built that way", well then how is it built? Make it work. Put some effort into it. You guys have gotten 5000 players a day and hosted over 820k servers, you owe it to your player base to at least try.
  2. farwl

    Credits Idea

    They unfortunately won't add anything like this because they are being useless and only put their effort into giving us reasons why we can't have features like this.
  3. farwl


    Minehut is a debatable server and I do not think it should be more popular. Most of its popularity comes from children who make the overall server quality on Minehut horrendous and they have no concept of a good server, which is why really poorly made servers are popular and well made ones aren't. More of this would just completely push Minehut off the edge. In fact, we were actually better off before Minehut got this huge growth. Not as many technical issues and the administration was more involved with the community.
  4. It wasn't always like this. OGs should remember we actually had some creativity and quality a few years ago. Nowadays we have things like lift season 46. I agreed with this post until the part where you said lift could be interesting.
  5. farwl


    -1 This server from what I've seen isn't anything original or unique. It seems like another generic prison server.
  6. farwl


    Takes a lot to impress me. This server is really fun and truly unique on Minehut and it deserves this.
  7. The concept of claiming Unused Server Names has been one of if not, the most requested feature on Minehut. What is this? Basically, implementing this feature will allow users to claim unused server names. If Minehut is to stay long-term, this is a necessary feature. Soon, server names won't be as easy to get, nearly impossible. There's also the issue of really good server names being owned by inactive accounts, or users who don't even utilize Minehut anymore. How would this work? There are two main options that have been discussed. I'll explain them both. Method 1: Requests The general concept here is having users request to a staff member or support member or whomever, and then they look into it, and approve it. The problem with this one is you would probably have to wait at least a few days and by that point it would be useless. Method 2: Inactive Servers Inactive servers are renamed to a random hash of letters and numbers, thus freeing up the server name for someone else to take. This could happen after a certain period of dormancy. Personally I think after no more than a few weeks the server name should be changed automatically. - You could add some sort of feature to make the dormancy period longer than a few weeks, so like you could set it to a month for some amount of credits. My opinion I think Method 2 should be implemented. Now, please vote in the poll, and if you down vote this, please reply to the thread with your reasoning. Edit: Please don't just TacticalModz this post. (Don't just leave a -1 or vote no without explaining)
  8. Do you use quickboard or skript scoreboards. Vote in poll. Go.
  9. farwl


    My study is now concluded. The effects on the human mind, when achieving 666 posts on the Minehut Forums, is that this will cause you to lose sense of grammar.
  10. farwl


    not edited
  11. farwl

    Donor Lobby

    Doesn't really do anything for us. It's just another useless thing like /elytra. Even if there was something special added to the donor lobby, it still would be pointless. They should give us some real benefits.
  12. And honestly, I agree.
  13. I am and its still not working. Edit: I tried extracting files and it says no archives found.
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