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  1. forums so dead fr used to be poppin
  2. yo wsg everyone would like to reintroduce myself since ive been gone a long while and im back now I originally found Minehut in 2017 and played it since. I made a ton of servers and they did really well but they are all old news at this point. It's great to see Minehut still poppin off after all these years. I can't believe how much it's grown and I'm seeing it a lot more on YouTube which is cool because I always thought not that many people know the community that is Minehut. so about me I made some servers on Minehut and got to know a lot of people here mainly by helping them out with their servers. I make designs such as logos and banners for servers so hmu if you tryna cop. you might've seen my banner I made for plexpvp (best one I think I made) ^ banner I made for PlexPVP I also do youtube but its really only rust content on there rn but thinking of doing some minecraft stuff now especially on minehut because theres so much you can do - https://www.youtube.com/channel/farwlofflineraids so yeah hey glad to be back
  3. Skriptify is not gone. Listen here and listen good. If you attempt to copy the Skriptify site for the 4th time, I will legitimately come after you legally. This serves as a notice and only warning. You've copied our website multiple times and I haven't cared enough to address it previously. That won't be the case if you blatantly copy our project we spent time on again.
  4. why do people spend unhealthy amounts of time on the forums (you know who you are)
  5. No instructions, just a $50 reward. If your IQ is less than 130 you probably shouldn't attempt it but you are welcome to try. Reward will increase by $10 every week until it is solved. Yes, this is possible to solve; $2y18kx56aII999( :cgc742 :)3-_-wd$=+= Reply below with your answer and I will tell you if you are correct or incorrect.
  6. What did you get for Christmas? or What did you give?
  7. farwl


    Yeah I removed it from spigot quite some time ago. Working on an updated version currently
  8. I once had the username Teh_Raptor

  9. farwl


    If a mod stops by this and wants to lock it for necropost pls dont because I still consider it valid
  10. farwl


    I plan on finishing the weekend.
  11. i got one from best buy reply with a picture if you got one
  12. farwl

    I cant build

    Can you send a video of the problem?
  13. You can request plugins to be updated here on the forums.
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