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  1. Farwl

    Skript Addons

    Not sure if it would work properly.
  2. +1 It wouldn't be random, but I hate it when I decide to join a random server and then it's whitelisted.
  3. Farwl

    dark (stupid) times

    You know thats actually a plus to that. I still hated it though.
  4. Farwl

    Set home

    Essentials already offers a home system, but if you have another plugin you want to use, make sure to include a link to the plugin. (Also make sure it supports 1.14)
  5. who remembers when you couldn't advertise your minehut server in the lobbies
  6. Hey, next time post in Community Support. But to answer your question, go to your server panel, click "Plugins" on the sidenav, and you can install and search for plugins from there.
  7. Thats...a lot... EDIT: Why wasn't Vixio updated...?
  8. Farwl

    good advice

    Alright so, everyone give good advice, I'll start. never put mustard on pancakes
  9. There hasn't been a real response yet. Thats the complete and whole point of this post.
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