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  1. check out lotixtw on twitch @ twitch.tv/lotixtw because it is high quality just look at this insane insane insane clip like honestly if you dont follow lotixtw on twitch i will steal your cookies before santa does also lotix is a team trees donor
  2. Why would you put it on a tree when you could put it in your mouth.
  3. I'm sorry, but yes you can. To login to your console, you need your email and password. Once there, you can execute any commands regardless of your in-game permissions or rank. Including the op command.
  4. ..All I want for christmassss issss you a working server
  5. I am requesting - 11 builders (you must pay ME to build) - 24 mods - 30 admins - 4 junior owners - 2 managers
  6. would be nice if we could get some screenshots
  7. No son, you can't put your ip in your discord name. (I'm not leaking anything here because this guy has had this in his name for the last few hours if not days. Its public information...so dont cry) keep in mind this dude is a "Developer" which is very cash money
  8. Farwl


    When you advertise a server thats whitelisted and then you tell the person its whitelisted, and they respond with
  9. Not going to name names or anything but it looks as though someone is trying to cover up this exposing article of literature.
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