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  1. you apply for the build team by searching Hypixel Build Team apps on google and going to the 19th link you find. how do I quit minehut
  2. farwl

    why Benny resigned

    this is click bait. vote in the poll though k thx
  3. You can't delete servers, only reset them.
  4. It is possible but not something easily explained and very hard to setup.
  5. You need to find an actual skin with a salmon texture and then use that skin's name or use the head's NBT. Your code will work but you aren't doing it correctly.
  6. FYI - Making your server visible means being visible on the server list in the lobbies. If you make it not visible it won't appear on the server list. This won't affect people joining your server through /join or the server IP.
  7. If you had a plugin like CoreProtect installed already when it happened then possibly. Other than that no, Minehut does not store backups of servers.
  8. farwl


    wrong category. get some specific plugin links too.
  9. Sorry it seems like they're gone. I don't think there is a way to rollback your items.
  10. farwl

    Update Vault

    Vault 1.7.3 is out. Minehut still uses 1.7.2 https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/vault.34315/
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