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  1. Congrats. I've known you for a while now. Hope you continue to succeed.
  2. What the hell does keep me on Minehut? Glad you asked. At the moment, I'm just waiting for this one external host to repair their free nodes. Once they come back, I probably won't be a member of this community any longer. I'm done waiting for Mnehut to fix their shit. What plans do I have? A year ago I wanted to become a Minehut mod. Now I don't. I just don't think I could make it 10 minutes without ranting about how poorly managed Minehut is. And obviously, Minehut mods aren't allowed to express their feelings towards Minehut. If they were, our staff team would be a lot smaller. Things I like about Minehut? A while ago, I would've said "free servers". But today, absolutely nothing at all. I despise it. It is so poorly managed. Super League is just trying to make some money. And in my opinion, I liked it when Luuke managed it. Something I would change I would hire more developers. Hire more developers. And also, hire more developers. In that order. Favorite Memory Making the first sky mining server. it was bad, but was so popular. Anything else yeah. minehut is kind of--not kind of--REALLY bad now
  3. Thank you so much for the support kind sir.
  4. actually just remove the wait on the panel there are more important things you guys should be working on. instead, you've focused on plugging your tutorial vids and super league youtube videos (the channel literally has 29 subs, just stop) k thx bye
  5. Sorry but the code is disgusting, the script its just executing commands, there aren't options for timespans (Oh wow, 1 hour, or perm), and you're assuming people have a /tempmute command. Just trying to give some construcful criticism.
  6. Options: killreward: 10 # The amount money you get when you get a kill (Just a number) death of player: attacker is player: add {@killreward} to attacker's balance
  7. Farwl

    Armor Stand Editor

    I remember using Advanced Armorstands years ago, and then realized MH didn't have it. It didn't support 1.14. So I found an alternative. This makes armor stand editing super easy. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/armor-stand-editor.7688/
  8. So I was really tired of waiting for a light theme, I didn't really think they would even add it at all. So I made my own. It looks pretty smooth imo. I'll definitely take suggestions on this thread. How to use Install the chrome extension 'Stylish' Next, download the user style made by myself @ https://userstyles.org/styles/174078/minehut-light-theme Features 100% full functionality. The entire panel, even login, support tab, server list, account settings, everything has a light theme now. You can find all of the screenshots here Once you have it, make sure Stylish is enabled, and you have the light theme style activated. (Click on the Stylish extension in your extensions bar) Known Bugs 1. When hovering over server properties and plugins it'll revert to the dark theme (original). Until I can fix this just refresh the page and it should return to the light theme. 2. When hovering over links at the top of the page the text turns white and not gray. Again, refreshing should fix this. I'm working on a fix. - Still working on the home page (Not the panel home page, the actual home page @ minehut.com) Would be nice if we could have an option to use this on the panel. (I believe stylish only supports chrome) You can find the css at the download page.
  9. Farwl

    Bulk Suggestions

    Minehut could have such better servers in the server list, and they're just going to waste if no one can use them.
  10. Farwl

    Bulk Suggestions

    Reply with suggestions that aren't on here, If I missed any.
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