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  1. I didn't create Skriptify.
  2. dont quote my scripts from 2019
  3. I guess you could do something like that if you wanted to. The condition should be attacker is a player, not attacker = player.
  4. Staff applications are now re-opened! Apply here: https://forms.gle/so7XULMssYPp7ixA8
  5. You can make suggestions on the GitHub Repository for Minehut Meta -> https://github.com/Minehut/Meta
  6. Maybe suggest in the plugins category
  7. it seems like you just used photo effects
  8. farwl

    Question about plugins

    confusing question
  9. you apply for the build team by searching Hypixel Build Team apps on google and going to the 19th link you find. how do I quit minehut
  10. this is click bait. vote in the poll though k thx
  11. You can't delete servers, only reset them.
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