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  1. Congrats. I've known you for a while now. Hope you continue to succeed.
  2. What the hell does keep me on Minehut? Glad you asked. At the moment, I'm just waiting for this one external host to repair their free nodes. Once they come back, I probably won't be a member of this community any longer. I'm done waiting for Mnehut to fix their shit. What plans do I have? A year ago I wanted to become a Minehut mod. Now I don't. I just don't think I could make it 10 minutes without ranting about how poorly managed Minehut is. And obviously, Minehut mods aren't allowed to express their feelings towards Minehut. If they were, our staff team would be a lot smaller. Things I like about Minehut? A while ago, I would've said "free servers". But today, absolutely nothing at all. I despise it. It is so poorly managed. Super League is just trying to make some money. And in my opinion, I liked it when Luuke managed it. Something I would change I would hire more developers. Hire more developers. And also, hire more developers. In that order. Favorite Memory Making the first sky mining server. it was bad, but was so popular. Anything else yeah. minehut is kind of--not kind of--REALLY bad now
  3. Thank you so much for the support kind sir.
  4. actually just remove the wait on the panel there are more important things you guys should be working on. instead, you've focused on plugging your tutorial vids and super league youtube videos (the channel literally has 29 subs, just stop) k thx bye
  5. Sorry but the code is disgusting, the script its just executing commands, there aren't options for timespans (Oh wow, 1 hour, or perm), and you're assuming people have a /tempmute command. Just trying to give some construcful criticism.
  6. Options: killreward: 10 # The amount money you get when you get a kill (Just a number) death of player: attacker is player: add {@killreward} to attacker's balance
  7. Farwl

    Armor Stand Editor

    I remember using Advanced Armorstands years ago, and then realized MH didn't have it. It didn't support 1.14. So I found an alternative. This makes armor stand editing super easy. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/armor-stand-editor.7688/
  8. So I was really tired of waiting for a light theme, I didn't really think they would even add it at all. So I made my own. It looks pretty smooth imo. I'll definitely take suggestions on this thread. How to use Install the chrome extension 'Stylish' Next, download the user style made by myself @ https://userstyles.org/styles/174078/minehut-light-theme Features 100% full functionality. The entire panel, even login, support tab, server list, account settings, everything has a light theme now. You can find all of the screenshots here Once you have it, make sure Stylish is enabled, and you have the light theme style activated. (Click on the Stylish extension in your extensions bar) Known Bugs 1. When hovering over server properties and plugins it'll revert to the dark theme (original). Until I can fix this just refresh the page and it should return to the light theme. 2. When hovering over links at the top of the page the text turns white and not gray. Again, refreshing should fix this. I'm working on a fix. - Still working on the home page (Not the panel home page, the actual home page @ minehut.com) Would be nice if we could have an option to use this on the panel. (I believe stylish only supports chrome) You can find the css at the download page.
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    Bulk Suggestions

    Minehut could have such better servers in the server list, and they're just going to waste if no one can use them.
  10. Farwl

    Bulk Suggestions

    Reply with suggestions that aren't on here, If I missed any.
  11. Farwl

    Bulk Suggestions

    tl;dr Hey guys I thought to myself, Minehut still hasn't added a restart button. Then I thought they still haven't added __insert suggestion here__. So I thought I'd make a list of frequently suggested features or features that've been requested, and given the ok but never added. Here we go. Restart Button Pretty well requested over time. It's been wanted here, there, around the corner, but at the end of the day, We're buttonless. - Don't say that this is "lazy" or "dumb" or "stupid". This can prevent issues that can arise when trying to start your server while its stopping. Fixing world generation You know, you'd expect to be able to use custom presets, or even the built in world presets at minimum. If you don't think its broken, great! You're really smart. No you're not--https://vimeo.com/348837066 Add more 'Items Per Page' Settings This one has me baffled on why we couldn't have this yet, seeing as where all it does it give you a higher setting on the display items dropdown menu in the plugin list. We have 10, 25, 50. Add 100, or better yet, all. Some people prefer installing all of their plugins at once. Not going through pages for tens of minutes. Changing your server version + plugin versions It'll be a bit of work, but in the end, you're just giving us more server customability. Lots of people I know stay away from Minehut because you can't customize your server fully. People would enjoy being able to truly change the version of their server. Not install protocol support or another protocol hack. Plugin versions would also be useful too, because in the case that a plugin breaks on update (Skript, 7/22/19), we could use a lower version ourselves, not be at the mercy of the administrators. Light theme It's really not that hard. The forums have a light and a dark theme. Not sure why the panel can't. More than one instance of your panel at a time We used to be able to have 2 or more tabs open, and be logged in to more than one account. Unsure why this was removed because it provided a safety window for people transferring server names to other accounts. Lots of snipers out there. Server Icons (Both Minehut server list and the Minecraft server list) We should be able to change the icon of our server in the Minecraft server list. Some people just don't like being stuck with the Minehut logo. It would also be pretty neat if we had purchasable icons in the dashboard to apply to our servers. I say purchasable because we'd have complete insanity in the server list if everyone could have an icon for free. Co users Lots of people share their private panel information containing some credentials because Minehut has yet to add co-users. Live console Almost every other host has it, but Minehut. Would be a little neat to have live console, instead of having to navigate to our logs, latest.log, and then scroll all the way up to where we're at. I wish I could just scream this one. Getting unused server names People have been searching for cool server names forever. Player 1 finds one. Then he finds out the server hasn't been used in 4 months. He'd like to use the server name because it's really cool. Thanks to Minehut, that inactive account will contain the server name probably forever since account owner no longer plays Minehut. ^ The system for this would either be automatic or have to be done manually be some sort of application of request to an admin. I personally think it should be automatic, but both methods have been suggested. After 5, 6, months of complete inactivity, the server names should be renamed to a random 4-10 length string. Definitely give everyone a heads up about this though. Renaming files The only real issue here is file permissions. Deny editing permissions to files like server.properties, your plugins folder, etc. It seems again that other hosts are ahead of Minehut in this department. Bedrock Support Now personally I don't really care much about this one but its been suggested a few times and so I listed it here. It's pretty self explanatory, people want to be able to join Minehut with the bedrock version of Minecraft. More player slots / ram settings Minehut is growing, we're needing more. Don't get confused here as I'm not suggesting buy more servers (Although it would help), I'm saying there should be more options when spending credits on player slots and ram. Remake the Join Random Server button Don't you hate it when you actually try to join a random server and its whitelisted. More plugin filters In the plugins list, add more filters like "New" or "Premium". Fix IPs Lots of people have anti-alt scripts or ip-ban scripts which don't have much use when player's aren't actually on their IPs. Now, I know this is a security issue, so take a look at this dude's post. https://forums.minehut.com/topic/1842-fix-ips/ 2FA Two factor authentication would be great. Your developer leaked your panel credentials? Enable 2FA. Checkout this dude's post https://forums.minehut.com/topic/1594-two-factor-authentication/ Improved file editor The built in file editor is imo, garbage, You can't tab anything, which removes about half the scripters on Minehut from every using the built in file editor. At the very minimum use something like Notepad++. Or better yet, give us an option to choose between the default text editor, and something like vs-code. * https://forums.minehut.com/topic/1872-better-file-editor/ Gifting credits Self explanatory, people want to gift credits. Not transfer credits, buy credits for others. There's no issue in people exploiting the voting site and getting multiple votes a day on one account, because you aren't gifting free credits, you're buying credits, and they're going directly to the receiver's account. Right now, if people wanted to gift credits, they'd have to buy it on the user's panel, and that is unsafe for a number of reasons. * https://forums.minehut.com/topic/1674-ability-to-purchase-credits-for-another-minehut-user/ Let us download more files We've got hacked a couple of times, and people are just worried about their servers. Some people would like to backup a bit more then just their worlds. * https://forums.minehut.com/topic/1320-make-this-happen/ Fix starting issues People would be waiting for their servers to start for 5 minutes, then it would stop... There's literally a meme. https://imgur.com/tehozbf More donator perks I understand its purely cosmetic and it helps Minehut out, but some people bought it because they thought it would benefit them. Even giving us half a gb more ram would be appreciated. Plugin info Have the plugin author and version be displayed somewhere in the plugin information. * https://forums.minehut.com/topic/219-plugin-authors-version/ More file extensions * https://forums.minehut.com/topic/248-pot-po-file-extensions/ I understand these are all at different levels of priority, but they all should get added in time. Some should already be here though. If I missed something, feel free to comment it down below, and I'll add it to the list. Please note that I am in no way trying to attack Minehut here, I am simply giving an effort to bring improvement to Minehut. Don't just give these the ok and then never add them. Some of these seem really easy to implement. Like showing more items on a list...? How was that not added yet. Not even a feature just a little quality of life.
  12. Farwl

    Bug? What...

    Hey this is most likely another problem caused by the massive Skript bug with variables. Since Benny updated Skript to the latest version (Which is bugged) last night, all variables on your server will be completely broken. I saw similar problems on my server like I see in your screenshot. The only solution would be for Trent or Benny to downgrade Skript for now.
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    Very cool.
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    Skript Addons

    Not sure if it would work properly.
  15. +1 It wouldn't be random, but I hate it when I decide to join a random server and then it's whitelisted.
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