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  1. I want you guys to let me know if I should create another skriptify! Maybe we can recover the source code, im not sure. But I have all the skripts and will be buying a domain from a known friend
  2. Please click on the attachments as it will look nicer
  3. Please open the images in a new tab so you can see it fully!
  4. image.thumb.png.53e2ba1c737247f1c54ec005852f88c7.png

    I made this for you : )

    1. YahBoiCarson


      Just click on the photo for the HD Preview. Minehut makes it blurry.

  5. DO not reply on month old inactive posts. @Eve
  6. A lot of people I know getting banned 😕

  7. Funny you say that. He actually said as a meme to like all of his things so I followed through, untill he told me that it was against the rules. So now I like like 3-5 of his things every like... 3-4 days.
  8. My job is to like his things as he said to do 🙂

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