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  1. There is this pizza place downtown st.louis and they have a pizza called "The Wolf" and it's packed with all sorted of goodies. Yall can probably good it and see but basic stuff Pepperoni and or Cheese is my go to.
  2. Ahh cancel that i'm almost at 100
  3. Yeah I started with 1 post, now I'm at like 80 or so.
  4. @YvranossAnyone can start it via the Minehut Lobby with /join servernamehere
  5. WickedJordan


    What are yalls plans this weekend?
  6. WickedJordan


    Take care of yourself @CyberRyan it was nice talking to you while we did. You taught me a lot which I am grateful for.
  7. That when you put "oi" lol
  8. 2019 posts now @_Tarna_
  9. Goose is right, if a player'(s) server crashes not everyone network side gets kicked.
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