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  1. tigero9

    4 years.

    tigero9*, thank you.
  2. tigero9

    4 years.

    Thank you.
  3. tigero9

    4 years.

    Today is my fourth year being a user of Minehut, and I plan to stay many more!
  4. Hi empty, I'm full! Welcome to the forums!
  5. If this is your server consider whitelisting it in the future and only letting players on that you trust.
  6. tigero9

    cant take damage

    deathcoordinates may be involved as it has to do with your character being reset or killed before u can take damage.
  7. Or just buy credits. I think it's worth it, and no I'm not just saying that because I'm a Mod. EDIT: IT depends.
  8. tigero9


    There may not be an easy way to repair the damage unless you saved backups, but you can surely reset your server entirely to prevent yourself from crashing when connecting. Obviously you will lose everything practically on the server. You can always make a report if you have evidence of the grief and by who.
  9. I believe there is actually a file in the file manager that has player data attached to it...
  10. You could simply reset your world.
  11. Keeping them complicated but good to your understanding yet short?
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