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  1. were you banned...?

  2. they took a much deserved L
  3. You can disable the end by changing allow-end from true to false in your bukkit.yml, and restarting the server. This disables it the same way the nether can be disabled in the settings tab.
  4. I hope I win, I really need nothing
  5. Thanks so much! Congrats to the other helpers promoted this wave
  6. The point of this thread is to address the claims that you made in your google document, not to discuss the overall success of Minehut's 1.16 update. To quote you, please either don't reply anymore or actually post something that relates to the original thread.
  7. A bit misleading? You claimed that your primary goal was to voice your concerns in a professional manner. A topic title "Minehut Exposed" is not only unprofessional, but makes you come off as childish in all honesty.
  8. There's a different between constructive criticism and outright trash-talking and whining, which you clearly haven't learned.
  9. I actually read your entire google document earlier today. I have a serious question for you, farwl. If you have so many complaints and issues with Minehut that you feel the need to create a thread called "Minehut Exposed" and you feel that Minehut has genuinely ripped you off, then why are you still here? If you hate Minehut so much, nobody is forcing you to use it.
  10. Personal feelings? I'm making a genuine response to your complaint about your 24 hour mute. First of all, it's a 24 hour mute, get over it. Secondly, I'm sorry that I feel the need to shed some light on the fact that you've done nothing but complain about Minehut for months now.
  11. farwl, you do nothing but complain about Minehut. You make fun of Minehut in your Discord custom status, do nothing but complain and fight with people in the meta discord, and then call your mute "unfair" when you were muted for actively telling people to leave Minehut in Minehut's own lobbies. Yet, you are the one who believes you are always entitled to free hosting. You use platforms such as Glitch to host your websites because you adamantly believe that you should not have to pay for hosting. Good for you, Minehut provides an environment where you can create a server and play with up with 9
  12. SlickNicky10


    Even worse, it would let people easily disable Minehut's plugins (BukkitCore, PlayerServer), which are required for the panel to be able to communicate with the server.
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