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  2. you have to join the ip minehut.com, and then play my server is not starting up, what do i do
  3. Hey there! Welcome to Minehut. Hope to see ya around!
  4. I joined Early 2016 (Februaryish) I don't remember the exact server I played on, but I do vaguely remember I played on Warzone lots.
  5. Untreated

    set home

    Adding on to my previous post, on the following link, you will find a list of commands if you choose to install the plugin. https://essinfo.xeya.me/commands.html
  6. Untreated

    set home

    You can install EssentialsX on to your server. It has many commands, including /sethome.
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  8. hi there! hope you enjoy your time here at minehut
  9. OooOOooOh, I see you viewed my profile *Ironic UwU*

  10. Ahhh, that's so amazing! Congratulations!
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