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  1. To be fair, you suggested this 6 days ago. It takes the developers time to implement the suggestions, believe it or not, for over 15k constant players. I'm sure there are many other priorities at the moment when it comes to some of the suggestions, so as Migins said, please have patience. Spamming on the forums isn't a way to get your suggestion noticed.
  2. Topic Locked. Please do not reply on month-old inactive threads (necro-posting).
  3. Unfortunately, there is not a way you can "add players to have access to your console". However, as long as you trust the user you are trying to give access to your server with, you can provide them with your email and password but please do this at your own discretion as this can lead to your server being 'hacked' and/or destroyed. I advise you to read this safety article:
  4. Untreated

    My server :/

    You can't direct connect to your server IP through bedrock. You must first connect to bedrock.minehut.com Once in lobby, in chat type /join <server name>
  5. Staff members can deem your username to be inappropriate if they believe it is. Having an inappropriate username is against Minehut's rules, however you can create an appeal here: https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/3-player-appeals/
  6. Untreated

    My server :/

    Please ensure you are inputting the correct information to join Minehut via bedrock
  7. Try checking out the spigot page for the plugin. It can be found here. Hope this helps!
  8. You could try getting help from the help category found here.
  9. I'm not good at coding... but hello!
  10. Ah thank you so much for this incredible opportunity! Good luck to everyone!!
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