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  1. Great CFAQ. Looks awesome! I saw this plugin featured on a MH YouTube Video, nice to see a CFAQ on it.
  2. Great job. This CFAQ will really help users in how to use the plugin. Keep it up!
  3. Helpers can post CFAQs, but I also allow Community Members to write CFAQs. If you can, reach out to me on Discord @Untreated#0001, or join the Minehut Discord (discord.gg/minehut) and look for my name If you are unable to use Discord, you can reach me through the forums messaging service (I may be late to responding to dms on here though!)
  4. Great CFAQ. Looks amazing! I saw this featured in a Minehut YouTube tutorial. Nice to see a CFAQ about it!
  5. Great CFAQ! Spigot.yml is not very complicated to edit, and I'm sure this guide will lead users in the right direction
  6. Untreated


    I definitely see this post being locked eventually
  7. you guys are absolutely amazing.
  8. Hello Ice Bear. Welcome to the Minehut forums! Hope to see you around sometime!
  9. Hey there! Welcome to the forums
  10. Here is the story we came up with by writing just one word replies to the post! It got a whopping 1.1k views and over 130 replies. Thank you all for keeping it going, it's pretty cool to say that I have had a "hot" post on the forums that went viral! Here's the original post: Minehut is the best restaurant in Europe where dinosaurs eat chicken and crocodiles then jump and fly to the lobby of spammers who have no experience in gaming minecraft java. This restaurant is the hottest water park where coolprogrammer sat and watched spammers get absolutely muted by the epic Tarna but people didn’t like it. After that, everyone burned _omga and ate him with nerd sauce and noob flakes which also give nitrogen yt rank then Trent ate a sandwich full of moderators and helpers ran away to mars with kara because the punish system became sentient. Peas are disgusting. Jackson85 became ugly not pretty and loved eating Tigero9 because he’s very tasty and looks very handsome. Faacto also is very cute, very nice and awesome. It's quite a great story if you ask me
  11. We're most definitely going to miss you Gingey. Thank you for all the hard work you have put in for Minehut. You are very appreciated and loved. 💝

    1. _Gingey_


      Thank you, gonna miss you too ❤️

  12. Congratulations everyone! Also, I'm so sad to see you go, Gingey. You will definitely be missed
  13. Hey, ForestHunters! Welcome back!
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