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Community Answers

  1. can you please unban me i was banned for bot when admin placed boats 

  2. If the file you downloaded didn't contain the right files, then thats the issue. Find a better world then try again.
  3. Please provide your latest.log file. Here's a tutorial on how to do so.
  4. It's probably just somebody trolling. Provide a screenshot and it can be looked into further,
  5. MInehut does not update the plugins, you'll have to wait for the plugin developer to update it. Here is a tab plugin that does support 1.18.1; try it out.
  6. i want icecream 🙂

    1. Alex1234524


      i also want MINEHUT BACK AAAA

  7. that's amazing, thank you very much
  8. Send the full code, we need context. Also include the full error.
  9. its laggy af

    1. notminehut
    2. chillin_noob


      it has been laggy, i cant even move for a few second. Even tho my ping is completely fine.

      I tried to build something in the server i cant even place it/ break it because of the lag.

      Please fix ur minehut device/ something.

    3. Lapzzo


      Its not that easy

  10. Hello Minehut Staff, Before I was unfairly banned from the forums, I had the second most reputation, which I believe was around 200 at the time. I was wondering if there was any way I can get this back now that I'm allowed on the forums with no restrictions.
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