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  1. I suggest putting the skripts into code blocks, much easier to read.
  2. Hey! You didn't get banned, we just experienced a crash.
  3. Azuyamat


    Why were you banned?
  4. https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/luckyblocks
  5. Minehut is based under a bungeecord system therefore if they add this addon you would be able to control other servers. Next time include the plugin link.
  6. Plugins will stay although you will be asked to remove plugins for your server to start.
  7. Post plugin link next time https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/minecraft-mansave.87987/
  8. +1, please make it work
  9. Hey! Presumo che tu stia cercando di unirti a TLauncher. Sfortunatamente Minehut non consente alle versioni crackate di Minecraft di unirsi ai propri server.
  10. Hey! I assume you are trying to join with TLauncher. Unfortunately Minehut disallows cracked versions of minecraft to join their servers.
  11. on join: set player's max health to 20 hearts
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