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  1. Lol this post was just you being angry because you didn't get a refund and now the staff members are the most evil people on earth.
  2. This post in a nutshell. Minehut needs money to survive they're evil! THEY'RE THE HUMAN VERSION OF SATAN! They banned me for doing someone! THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY!!!!
  3. Yeah, I just feel like all the farming servers are the same, all really generic and no character
  4. Make anything but a farming server!
  5. Minehut is good and minehut is bad
  6. Core I3-5005U with integrated graphics and 8gb ddr3 and it's a laptop if you couldn't tell
  7. I have made this post because I am bored and I just feel like minehut servers are unoriginal and boring. First off, GenPvP/SkyGen/Mining/Skymining servers are boring. Stop making them! If I see another one I will have a heart attack! Stop! #StopGenPvP Second, farming servers are really boring. There all really generic plot farming and are all pretty much the same. They have no character or nothing unique about them. But I remember when they were even worse and were just an SMP server and used REDPROTECT. The cursed plugin. #RemoveRedProtect. Thirdly, STOP TRYING TO COPY POPULAR
  8. Thank you _TaZePUg! Also server pro only allows you to have 5 plugins. 5 whole plugins!
  9. Every company has to make a profit. A company's goal is to make money. And minehut need to make a profit to stay afloat. No money = No minehut
  10. T is for toxic community
  11. 'Hosting is extremely expensive and we need to make money somehow. Only around 0.2% of servers actually pay for their server, that means there's 99.9% of servers that do not pay us anything. How are we going to be able to make enough money to stay open if we can barely even make enough money to pay for our hosting?' - Benny
  12. That's my favourite part about this update but I think some people are forgetting hosting costs money and they need to make a profit.
  13. I hope you're joking. Some people don't understand this costs money and minehut needs to make a profit.
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