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Community Answers

  1. I think we are necroing now. Can we just please upload it? Its really not that hard
  2. Thanks for the help, but it doesnt work. Is there any required addon?
  3. Wait.. Whats your minecraft name?
  4. Hello. Change it to easy, then press the save button under the box that you changed it on, then restart the sevrer. ! DO NOT RESET THE SERVER, RESTART THE SERVER! !
  5. wow that is a creative idea! Might hop on when im free!
  6. You can add this yourself. Just drag the folder in the plugins folder on your dashboard, then restart and it should show in /plugins
  7. How do you obtain money? A money variable can be anything like {Money::%player's uuid%}
  8. I think goats are coming out in part 2 (1.18) but im not 100% sure
  9. Dont use / when your doing in console. Just type op lapzzo replace lapzzo with ur minecraft name
  10. Im doing this because I dont want them to be able to execute /repair, but console to do /repair <player>
  11. Im not sure what I did, but I think I broke it. Also did u find a way to make it so u cant repair items that are full durability? Broken skript: command /repair [<player>]: permission: repair.use trigger: if arg-1 is set: open inventory of arg-1 to arg-1 set {activeGui::%arg-1's uuid%} to "inventoryGui" play sound "block.note_block.pling" to arg-1 send "&aPlease click an item to repair it for 50 Coins!" to arg-1 else: open inventory of player to player set {activeGui::%player's uuid%} to "inventoryGui" play sound "block.note_block.pling" to player send "&aPlease click an item to repair it for 50 Coins!" to player on inventory click: {activeGui::%player's uuid%} = "inventoryGui" cancel event set {_dura} to max durability of clicked item set {_fix} to durability of clicked item if {_fix} < {_dura}: if {@balance} >= {@repair_cost}: remove {@repair_cost} from {@balance} repair clicked item play sound "block.note_block.pling" to player else: play sound "entity.villager.no" to player send "&cYou do not have enough!" else if {_fix} >= {_dura}: play sound "entity.villager.no" to player on inventory close: if {activeGui::%player's uuid%} is "inventoryGui": delete {activeGui::%player's uuid%} send "&cYou have canceled your purchase!" Also I made it so the player in the command (Argument-1) doesnt get opened to the executer, but to arg-1. That was my original intention, but it seemed to break it
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