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  1. i played minecraft's first pocket edition version then i factory resetted my phone and forgot the name of it, then 2-3 years later it started to trend alot and I downloaded it on my pc and played it until my acc got hacked and i had to buy another one i think it was like 2013 or 2014 somthin like that? so am i og or not??
  2. He was replying to a Reply of Someone to his Topic. and a Month is a Month nothing more, Nothing less.
  3. Client-side basically means it only Affects your side of Minecraft, Yeah You can.
  4. Punish


    You're right, I forgot this was General.. 4
  5. you're Gonna be a legend

    1. Jugha


      thanks mush ❤️

  6. That command was available before Minehut was Unleashed, Now you have to manually download Multiverse and download the world from there.
  7. Look, Don't reply to Posts haven't been replied or online since a Month, Create a New post for help.
  8. Hi, welcome to Minehut. (I'm new to this)
  9. no, like just show a leather boot in the gui, you click it and it will give you that.. not a shop..
  10. no, i'm just confused of the long conversation here...
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