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Community Answers

  1. You should add a permission to those commands because the way you have it right now, anyone can run those commands.
  2. For #2, just get the plugins yourself from like spigotmc and then upload them to the plugins folder for now. That's can actually be better than getting it from the addons panel cause the plugins there can be outdated or not work for the version your server is set to.
  3. _Tarna_

    Server Crashing

    Those logs don't show the server crashing. It shows the server starting up fine and people joining and talking. I would need the logs directly after a server crash to see what may be wrong.
  4. All Minecraft servers are public by default. But there is this feature on Minehut where users can press a random server button in the Minehut lobby to join random servers. And someone probably joined yours from that. You can whitelist your server so only people you allow can join. First run the command /whitelist on to enable the whitelist. Then do /whitelist add <player> and only those players can then join the server. You should also disable the visibility of the server in the settings tab on the panel so it also won't show up in the in game server list in the Minehut lobby. Also you can't delete Minehut servers so I'm not sure what you mean by that. And if you have proof of this person griefing, you can report them here to get them banned - https://minehut.com/support
  5. _Tarna_

    Server Crashing

    Could you send your server's latest.log here in a pastebin.com after it crashes. It may help determine the cause.
  6. You don't need to link your account to appeal. You just need to be logged into your Minehut account.
  7. Were you using the link that it gave you when the /dl command existed? If so, those links are a one time use and don't think they work anymore after the command got removed. Does it show that error when you used the link or the download button on the file manager?
  8. Check your server logs. It'll show you why the plugin isn't loading correctly.
  9. _Tarna_

    Server age

    You can use the Minehut API. You can go to https://api.minehut.com/server/servername?byName=true and get the number where it says "creation". That is a unix timestamp. And enter that number into a unix converter to get a readable date.
  10. _Tarna_

    Sand Duping

    Sand duping is one of the options that paper didn't give an option in paper.yml to enable. Unless there is a plugin that you can use to enable it, which I don't know of any, you would have to use some other server software to be able to sand dupe.
  11. rip. Good luck to wherever you go next!
  12. Make sure you are logged in before going to that link. And make sure you are going to https://minehut.com/support/faq and not like https://minehut.com/support/form if you are clicking on the link.
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