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Community Answers

  1. Are you sure you clicked update and restarted the server after updating to 1.17? Because the server won't fully update till you click update and restart.
  2. _Tarna_

    Server wont start

    Once you update to 1.17, you can't downgrade back to 1.16.5 without using a backup or resetting the world. That's why it tells you to make a backup whenever updating You can also just switch the server back to 1.17 for the server to start again.
  3. What version is your server on? Is the plugin red in /pl? If you are using 1.17 and the plugin is red when you do that command, the plugin may be outdated for 1.17. The plugin's spigot page only shows support up to 1.16 and hasn't been updated in over 6 months.
  4. That means you didn't set your server to 1.17 yet. Go to the appearance tab on the panel, set the server to spigot 1.17, click update, and then restart the server and now your server should be on 1.17.
  5. Whenever suggesting plugins to be added or updated on Minehut, you should leave a link to it so its easier for the person adding it to find. Also I think this plugin was on Minehut before but is just currently disabled. I think the reason was that it didn't work on Minehut since how it needs to work on a Bungeecord network. But Minehut now uses Velocity, but it probably is still the same. This is the post that it got removed from.
  6. You need to manually update the server to 1.17 in the appearance tab on the panel. Change it to spigot 1.17, click update, and restart the server. Minehut server's default version is still 1.16.5 so that is why you need to manually change it.
  7. It should already be fixed. They said they enabled server starting up like almost an hour ago.
  8. _Tarna_

    Remove /ad

    You say that /ad doesn't reduce spam but then say make the cooldown to 60 seconds. That just makes it even more spam and doesn't give ranks any incentives, since the lower ad cooldown is what people get ranks for the most. And /ad does reduce a lot of spam. If it wasn't a thing, there would be way more spam and advertisement than now since there is no set cooldown for it and it can't be moderated as well. I do agree that even with /ad, there is still a lot of spam, no conversations, and hard to find good servers. But they are currently looking into new server discovery ideas on the Minehut Meta Discord and there have been a lot of good ideas that could move away from /ad and reduce lobby spam.
  9. The servers were having issues earlier but they should be fine now. Try and see.
  10. The servers were having issues earlier but they should be up and working now.
  11. Are you sure it works on 1.16.5+? Since it hasn't been updated in over 4 years.
  12. The server will be running as long as someone is on the server. And shutting down your computer will force you to leave the server so the server will shutdown after 5 minutes.
  13. This plugin already is on Minehut and is already updated to the latest version. Just search up "Multiverse" and you should see it.
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