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  1. Make sure you are giving the users all the right permission nodes. You can google a plugin's permission nodes if you do not know them. Topic locked. Please do not reply on threads that have been inactive for over a month.
  2. There is nothing in the rules that is saying they can't do that. You can check the rules here - https://forums.minehut.com/rules/ Its their player server and as long as they aren't breaking any of those rules, they can't be punished for it. And for future references, the correct place to report a server is here - https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/4-server-reports/
  3. No there isn't a way to only allow specific people to start the server but if your server is whitelisted, others won't be able to join anyways.
  4. You can see the requirements here -
  5. Is your friend near the spawn? Because there is spawn protection. Try telling him to go a couple blocks out or you can disable spawn protection in the settings tab on the panel.
  6. _Tarna_


    https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/sentry-citizens2 https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/sentry.18792/ I found these 2 links but now sure which one you are talking about because both of them look different.
  7. The control panel can be found here - https://minehut.com/dashboard/home Start the server you want to edit then click edit server.
  8. Minehut currenrly does not support server side mods. There is a plugin though called Voxel Sniper. Try and see if that is similar to that mod you were talking about. You can install plugins to your server through the plugins tab on the panel. Restart the server after installing the plugin.
  9. VoidGenerator is already updated to the latest on Minehut. The latest is 1.7.0 and minehut also has 1.7.0 also how do you delete what?
  10. _Tarna_

    how to use api

    What api are you talking about? File.io api or minehut api?
  11. Currently the only way to give someone access to your server panel is to give them your account email and password. But this will give them access to the entirety of the panel and there isn't way to limit it.
  12. _Tarna_


    The plugin seems like it is already updated to the latest. The latest version its its site is 5.6.3 and version on Minehut is also 5.6.3. Something may be wrong with the plugin's jar or the config didn't get to load. Try resetting the plugin's config. Stop the server and then search up the plugin in the plugins tab. Then if you click the plugin, there should be an option to reset config for the plugin. Press that and restart the server again. It also may still be outdated and if so, the plugin devs have to update it. Also if you are ever suggesting a plugin to be added or updated, please
  13. _Tarna_

    Copying server files

    You can download your server's worlds with /dl world <world> but there isn't way to download the entire server. For any other files such as skripts and configs, you can just copy and paste the contents of them.
  14. There are no ranks on the Forums. The only forum ranks are the staff ranks.
  15. _Tarna_


    There is a hardcore setting in the settings tab on the panel. Stop the server, set that option to true, click save and restart the server.
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