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  1. _Tarna_

    300th Post

    Thanks. You are one away from 300.
  2. Oh nice. Just put all the chat format things in one on chat event.
  3. That looks like it should be working. Make sure the variable is true for you.
  4. For some reason, that file is not loading for me. Can you just send the code in here or a pastebin.com.
  5. When a player activates anonymous mode, set a variable to true. Then when they chat, if the variable is true, set the chat format to the thing you said.
  6. _Tarna_

    Server will not activate

    Next time, check the server logs to see why it may not be starting.
  7. _Tarna_

    Command Signs

    You could use skript to do this if it doesn't get added anytime soon.
  8. _Tarna_

    Help with Uploading World

    The issue isn't file site you are using. The max side you can upload is 500mb because of how they made it.
  9. _Tarna_

    Person Bedrock Server

    All servers are Java but bedrock players can play. If you whitelist your server, only players added to the whitelist can join so it will be personal.
  10. This is a place to advertise your server. You can look for devs and staff in the Marketplace Category https://forums.minehut.com/forum/12-marketplace/
  11. Did you recently get any new plugins or added any new things? If so, maybe try removing it because that might be causing the issue. Save anything you need from the plugin or the thing you added before removing it.
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