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  1. You might want to try copying and deleting that Skript file, edit It using the outside writing software like Atom to fix your Skript file. This might be most likely because there are too many errors in your Skript while the console is thinking of results. Once you have done this, try starting up your server again. If this does not fix your problem, please contact support.
  2. Elixzer It used to be DawnRPG, since It was the best RPG server in Minehut. But currently, my favorite server is DollarWare. I don't know If It's whitelisted rn, lol.
  3. Elixzer


    Well, you are telling them that you are recording. Very obvious, also. People don't like you joining If you're not invited to their "private" or public survival server. This may result in a kick/ban or a highly dislike of you from other players. This isn't because they hate you, it's because they don't know you.
  4. If someone has access to your console. Players have the responsibilities to take care of them. Meaning that posting a thread won't do anything. I suggest changing your control panel's password to block any other users from using your control panel.
  5. I see a lot of people ask in discords, lobbies, servers, etc. Is Minehut a good hosting community (Is Minehut good for hosting). Well, It's time I start a thread for this because why not. Question: Is Minehut Good for Hosting Response: Minehut is a good hosting community/platform for pre-servers. Meaning, servers that are not ready for public opening, straight minecraft connection, or servers that are not able to handle too many players. I'm not saying that MInehut is bad for expert servers. At the end of the day, It's just another hosting community/platform indifference from others.
  6. It's literally Multiverse and some server plugins. Anyways, I don't know what the point of making a server hosting network inside of a bigger hosting network is...
  7. THIS IS PROBABLY THE STUPIDEST THING TO MAKE A THREAD ABOUT Okay. So first, this thread is a guide to making your first KitPvP (Or like 2nd 3rd or 4th.) Server. I'm giving you this guide right now because I've seen A LOT of really y'know not good KitPvP servers. So let's get started basically. RAM AND PLAYER SLOTS Please, please, please. Before you make a KitPvP server. Make sure your RAM and Playerslots are enough. Most KitPvP servers die out because of the amount of ping and lag on the server. You should never start a KitPvP server with a free plan. I'm not stayi
  8. Elixzer

    Mine help

    This requires Skripting. Try asking a Skripter to work this out for you.
  9. command /push [<player>]: permission: push.player trigger: if arg-1 is not set: send "&cUsage: /push (player)" to player if arg-1 is set: push arg-1 upwards at speed 2 push arg-1 backwards at speed 2 send "&7Player has been pushed! They going wee wee!" to player Pretty sure its this, lol
  10. Skeppys scams his subscribers!
  11. Please post this in the server advertisements next time =(
  12. I know. I kind of did that on purpose. I looked on the staff list page and see who I can remember, lol. Also, the Moderators that weren't on the list were the onces that I forgot, didn't know or some Moderators that I think are not doing that well (for now).
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