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  1. Please do not post on topics with over 1 month of inactivity Locked
  2. Reassembly


    Please do not post on topics with over 1 month of inactivity Locked
  3. Would anyone be interested in an anticheat testing server? Like where you can test different anticheats to choose one for ur own server
  4. Just a fair tip of advice, don't try to bypass the chat filter, you will most likely get punished.
  5. Reassembly

    plugins not working

    You can suggest plugin updates in the plugin section on the forums
  6. Reassembly


    I personally recommend Matrix anticheat with a custom config, that works really well for me
  7. As Minehut said above, Do not reply to threads that have been inactive for over a month Locked
  8. Please do not reply to posts with over 1 month of inactivity Locked
  9. Please do not reply to post with over 1 month of inactivity Locked
  10. Want to make this because 1. Am bored. 2. I want to. Now where do I start: The new JRs: You guys are all proper G's and great friends to hang with (even if u do bully me :sad:) We all sorta helped each other pull through xD! @Nimmz @chillins and @RichieNy: You 3 have helped me loads throughout the beginning of my trial phase, and for that, I thank you. You are all really genuine people and very funny @DeltaRays: Delta, you helped me so much to get into programming, You really gave me that push to take the Javascript plunge, and it really paid off
  11. 1. You don't, you need to connect to the hub via bedrock.minehut.com and then do /join <server name> 2. Please do not reply to topics over a month inactive Locked
  12. Controversial choice, but I liked MineEdge because it was the worlds first Mining PvP server and it was actually fun!
  13. Moved to Marketplace
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