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  1. Could a mod lock this? It doesn't seem this will end anywhere positive
  2. *cough* uwuguard high jump script *cough*
  3. The revival. Jre-legacy 2021.06.12 - Jre-legacy 2021.06.12 - It's time for a change
  4. Can confirm I have pointed out broken / outdated plugins and they have been removed
  5. Hey, as BanditEagle said, the only way to give other people console access is by giving them credentials, but I am pretty sure subusers are planned! Moved to help, please post in the right section
  6. Also, I have done something not many anticheat devs do, I have made my code open source so you can all see how it works! https://github.com/TrueReassembly/AntiNerd/tree/master
  7. Idk yet, at the moment its made for 1.8.9 duels server, which do auto perm ban
  8. Cool skript, but you aren't taking in movement or lag for the reach check, so it may false.
  9. It also has a reach check, but I forgot to record it
  10. AntiNerd... The solo anticheat by a solo developer... Me Watch the below videos about some of the current checks. Hoping to have this added to minehut upon completion! Rate my detections NoSlow: My proudest check Jre-legacy 2021.04.18 - Speed: Still detects Jre-legacy 2021.04.18 -
  11. Can you send us your logs?
  12. Please read the bottom of this post, dynmap has already been suggested here and denied.
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