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  1. Reassembly

    Minehut in %

    1% Logic 4% Respect 95% THE STAFF TEAM SUCK 0% human
  2. Even on a goodbye post you still moan... Anyway man, Good luck in the future. Good luck to you!
  3. Reassembly

    Minehut Exposed

    The panel really isn't in need of upgrades right now, There are higher priorities for minehut to take care of
  4. Reassembly

    Minehut Exposed

    But making a PUBLIC post just ranting about minehut is not a way on improving it, I feel this should be obvious. There are many ways to suggest ways to improve minehut
  5. It is annoying Do you believe in life after love?
  6. I would say MineEdge. It was the first Gen server and it was actually made well. Shame the owners don't wanna remake. Maybe someone will revamp it idk.
  7. This was in 2019. Since then minehut have seriously upped their security
  8. Actually, The reason notch logged on was to discuss how Minehut planned to enforce the EULA guidelines to minehut servers. IF you violate the EULA and mojang find out, the player server will be taken down. NOT minehut
  9. Reassembly


    Stage 1 is over. It's time for stage 2
  10. Reassembly


    It's time for part 2. We had OwO... now... Can we get an UwU in the comments?
  11. Reassembly

    Server stopping

    How many plugins do you have?
  12. Reassembly


    Can I get an OwO in the comments?
  13. Try a different file uploader, reply to this message if you have any more issues!
  14. What kind of file is it? is it a .zip or .rar?
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