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  1. skript-paper has only been updated to 1.15
  2. Don't post on topics with over 1 month of inactivity. If a plugin is red. the logs will tell you why. Locked
  3. If you are using essentials, then you need to give them the permission "essentials.sethome" with a permissions plugin, I personally recommend using LuckPerms, You need to give the permission to the "default" group. You can find more info here:
  4. You need to use ZIP folders for minehut, you can right click on the folder, hover over "Send to...", then click "Compressed folder"
  5. GG man, What do you plan to do with it @BennyDoesStuff give away something....
  6. You could just do on right click of anvil: send "&cNo anvils" cancel event
  7. The title is self explanatory Ill start: I woke up in the morning, logged onto minehut;
  8. Hey, Those logs dont show anything suspicious, also, please open a new help topic as what you did was necropost (Replied to a topic with over 1 month of inactivity). Locked
  9. You need to learn skript. /grant can just be a GUI that opens with a bunch of items, when you click the item it runs a permission plugin command I'm also moving this to "Skript Discussion" Moved
  10. As cent said, using this is better because it wont show the default join message.
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