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  1. Are you currently 15+ years old? No ;c, BUT ALMOST. And age is just a number, and 14 year olds can be helpful smh! What made you choose Anthologia over other servers? Anthoglgogia best server ww no cap fr fr Would you consider yourself mature both in Discord and in game? Mature enough! Have you been staff on other servers? If so, please name some! Yeus. Owner: ArUwU, Oitcr, Oitq, Puggylands, Admin on 16PvP, and mod/similar, a lot of old now dead skymining servers. Do you have a working microphone? Yeahhhh How long have you been playing Anthologia? Not released yet. Anything else (optional)? Am a girl and can meow and uwu at any time needed!
  2. Aroze

    how to get a modpack

    heya nerds how do i get a modpack with the new addons panel like i try searching pixelmon or something but nothing comes up thanks - Centrect
  3. UwUGuard better Cool!
  4. staff ban = 100% not flagging, ok.
  5. owo yes we need this
  6. this person is a nerd.

  7. ArUwU! Almost every Minehut server on the front page is full of gens/mining servers and unfair upgrades, pay to win, etc. And it's especially hard to find a fair pvp server, there's Warzone but that's about it. So we made ArUwU! The basics: ArUwU is a fair, ffa pit-like pvp server. You jump down from the middle to enter the arena and get your gear. On a kill, you'd get a few hearts, speed, strength and regen. With killstreaks, you get slight upgrades that reset when you die, we also have a kill assist thingy to help tackle kill stealers. Cheaters: In terms of hackers, we have an amazing anticheat, definitely one of the best on Minehut and we take screensharing potential cheaters seriously, we've been able to catch many people using expensive "screenshare proof" clients, and in the last month, we've banned over 4000 hackers. Growth: The community seems to like it, we released just over a month ago and have grown a ton: almost 600 Discord members, 150+ forum members (5th largest on Minehut), and we've gotten a lot of donations. ArUwU is a great example of how you don't need to be p2w and copy every other server to be successful, we hope to see more servers take an approach like this because honestly, the current state of unoriginality and money hungry servers on Minehut is pretty sad. Discord Server IP: aruwu.minehut.gg Forums/Club
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