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  1. Mario kart with a similar operating system as the sled thing
  2. +1 i agree with all points
  3. a command like this would show the player recent servers that they have joined. In case they find it fun or exciting, just to be kicked by lag or a bad connection. I personally have been on the bad end of this stick as i have lost many great servers like this.
  4. oof i have made the entire community hate me
  5. @shadowlockum set ur world into a flat world first
  6. Something that lets players in the discord chat to their friends. maybe Lobby-1, lobby-2, lobby-3, Lobby-4 for players to talk to the discord community while in game and vice versa. Plugin: DiscordRSV (u guys have it)
  7. Maybe smth like "Suggestion by "playername", and We have given them x credits " so people have an incentive to give a good suggestion that may give minehut smth good. maybe have a accepted suggestion give 100 credits?
  8. how do u delete a forum post? i accidentally sent this twice... Im so stoopid
  9. ^ is my shiba, as u can see, just from her face, she is obviously better than ANY corgi. ^ is a joke, do not take it seriously
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