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  1. If you wish to appeal a punishment please go to here: Link
  2. uh, you get their console info, and buy a MH Unlimited on it How do I get the MH Unlimited plan?
  3. by going to the SkUnity discord and asking for a Btw, how does one become verified?
  4. its really surprising how anyone can even come to any other conclusion tbh. Its really obvious ._.
  5. JR.MOD: The Minehut Discord Bot MOD: The Minehut Discord Bot SR.MOD: The Minehut Discord Bot It was very difficult for me to come to this conclusion, as all the mods are pretty cool, but in my opinion, The Minehut Discord Bot was the best overall, as its speed in deleting messages with bad words in it is simply incontestable.
  6. hahaha lmao you know that MrScopes is the one who released it right? Ask him instead probably
  7. !custom-pl CaN i UsE cRaCkEd MiNeCrAfT?
  8. ._. But an event like this....Simply unbelievable.
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