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  1. I wonder if Minehut staff are even a thing sometimes.

  2. I would personally like to see something like Among Us or another game on Minehut.
  3. I personally don't like using Skript anticheats since you can't check packets being sent due to Minehut removing it in their version of Skript. I would use NoCheatPlus or Matrix then a Skript AntiCheat.
  4. Houlton#9159 Good luck everyone! Also, I want Nitro because of the perks.
  5. +1 Fully agree with the reasons for this being suggested, community support needs to be seen more.
  6. Minehut would of added this, if this didn't have it own security issues. Overall, I don't think this will be added at the moment, but I do think theminecoder did say it some point, this is on the timeline of stuff to be added long term.
  7. This plugin has already been suggested and it on the queue of plugin to be added/updated.
  8. You spam his Discord and his friend requests in game. How do you apply for a role at SLG?
  9. Hello! I'm Houlton, I'm a person who been playing Minehut since late last July (2019), I'm currently managing a staff team of a Minehut server named Subdued and I'm staff on a few other Minehut server (those are in my forums signature). Since joining Minehut, I have met some cool people such as @Reassembly, @f78, @CallumlousssssTV and DinnerDelight (can't find his forums account). So yea, this is overdued, but now, here it is.
  10. Houlton


    Let me explain why you're wrong... How about you do your research before you call the person who are trying to help you "creeps", I explain more below about how Minehut protects your IP. If you mean the server hosted on your computer, thats is not protected, however Minehut has developers who have changed the code for their server software to hide/masks IPs. It's not Minehut rolling back your server, someone could be crashing your server causing it to crash. This is still not Minehut's fault, this could be another issue other then a crash or a normal shutdown (plug
  11. Please note, Minehut hides/masks your IP, so the only IPs you will see in logs are the masked ones. I hope that makes sense and makes you less worried about sharing your logs.
  12. You spam someone at SLG to give you access to the development version of the panel with subusers. How do I download a world from my server?
  13. Very informative, I'm know my tech so I had everything security wise in place, hopefully this will get to the people will need it.
  14. Hey i cant connect to bedrock.minehut.com it just said world not found like if your trying to connect to the server directly, im asking you because you seem like a helpful person

    1. Houlton


      What version of Bedrock are you using? Minehut only supports 1.16.20 right now.

      Also, Minehut likes to take the Bedrock side of Minehut down for unknown reasons, so that might be the case right now.

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