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  1. Hello @AceticAction! Since I already had it when Trent shared it on the Discord a while ago, here you go! I have attached it to this reply so you can download it. I hope I made your life a bit more easier to find it. CCJ_Retro_Games_D_01_EXTENDED.mp3
  2. Hello @NotKaizo31! A revamped file manager is currently in the works and is being planned to be released some point this year. For more information regarding this, please read here.
  3. Good message but wrong way to do it from @AgentGamerPro. As @CoolProgrammer said, these kind of attacks are common for servers owned by people or people with little/no experience having dangerous permissions. Put it simple: Do not give dangerous commands to players that you don't know well (/gamemode, /op or deop, /stop, etc). Teach the players with access to dangerous commands the risks of giving someone else dangerous commands and maybe not give them at all without the owner/manager's permission. If you end up giving someone creative mode and they write a sign and they tell you to click on the sign placed or not, DO NOT CLICK ON THE SIGN for the safety of the server. Make daily backups of your server via your server's panel, run /save-all hourly or have a skript to do so atleast you have a save. Use DiscordSRV or Skript with Vixio to log all commands ran by operators/players with * permissions if you need to. Due to how customizable Minecraft is, these kind of attacks are very easily done if someone with dangerous permissions doesn't know any better, the community just needs to learn how these attacks are done and avoid them from happening at all costs. If a attack is done on Minehut and you have very clear evidence/proof that they attacked, you may report them here. Please note: when I say "dangerous permissions", this means /op status or * (all commands) permissions given by someone via a permission plugin such as "LuckPerms" and "PermissionsEX".
  4. Alrighty. Sure you were... Reasonable reason, you may leave.
  5. Houlton


    This is something relating to a upcoming event on Minehut (on the 20th of July), nothing to worry about. @WilliamWert
  6. Hello, Minehut only supports plugins made for Spigot/Paper, this looks like a Fabric mod which Minehut servers cannot run. So sadly, your suggestion cannot be added.
  7. Due to the way Minehut's backend systems are setup, I don't think this would be added. Also, might be worth putting this on Meta (Discord) as alot more admins lurk there.
  8. You can do this manually, just open "aliases-english" and paste it into the aliases file on your panel. Not sure if that will work but worth a shot. Also, remember to run /sk reload aliases after pasting and saving the file.
  9. Please remember to link plugins when suggesting them to be added/updated! Also please correct me if I have the wrong link(s). https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/animatedframes.5583/
  10. Hello, seems like you need to contact support to see if they can help, to make a support ticket go here then clicking on "Contact Support" on the page linked.
  11. McDonalds workers claim that they say they are broken when they don't want to work the machine.
  12. please, please don't touch me with your quacking power. QUACK!
  13. My original username was "HoultonGames" which is my surname + "games", one day I realize that having "games" at the end of your username is cringe so I chosen to just keep "Houlton" as my username. I also had many other aliases of PlayStation accounts, a example is "AlexTheGamer9912". So yea, that's the story of my aliases/usernames.
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