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  1. All staff members, new or old! They all help!
  2. Vixio loads up just fine, and no errors are in the skript whatsoever, but as soon as I reload the bot and restart the server, bot does not login as it should and when tested on different servers, with the exact same bot and skript, works just fine i am confusion
  3. I am officially crowning April 9th 2021 as Minehut Staff Appreciation Day Mods, Helpers, Admins, wherever you are, give em a round of applause in the comments for keeping minehut running! :)
  4. Nice logo, but gen servers are so oversaturated combined with the fact that you are openly admitting that this is P2W is not a good look at all
  5. I put more effort into that server than you have in your entire helper trial
  6. Title explains it all, Have at it, Minehut! I'll go first Terraria
  7. uh @Jackson85 i think you missed that this is a necropost buddy
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