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    howdy partner
  2. Here are the rules: Has to be about Minehut You may only comment 1 word to contribute to the song. If you want to start a new line for the song, put a period after your word. Don't post twice unless someone else has put a word after yours. Lets see what Minehut can make
  3. idk man just trynna make sure everyone is welcome here
  4. I completely agree with Bassouli, The staff team here are new, and as content creators and even just general community members, people like emopedia should set a bar and be a role model as a well known community member for how to act and how to treat people. We are Minehut. We welcome people with open arms, such as the new moderators. We were all sceptical at first, but at the very core of our community is the non-romantic love we can give to other members of the community. The moderators are very welcome here and I'm sure that a few false punishments can be excused for helping to make Minehut a better place. If you can't handle a few new staff members, you need to rethink your role in the community and how you act as a whole. These mods enter uncharted territory with tens of thousands of members to moderate, and we have people here who put them down over a few little mistakes, we are all human guys! Even though they are all grown adults, moving to a new community might have been hard for some and Minehuts community as a whole did not show its best light when the new mods joined. Hopefully they feel more welcome now that they have settled in. I know its been tough leaving the old staff team behind, but we have to look forward at what's ahead rather than the past behind us. thanks bassouli and bluberries for making great forums posts about this too, just had to chime in and share my own thoughts.
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  6. hey look its another script that i made so this script is a chat filter, you can add it to your server with no addons needed and it will work! script is fully customisable and can work without causing lag options: #CONFIG prefix: &a✔ no-prefix: &8✖ permission: staff on chat: loop {filterswear::*}: if message contains loop-value: cancel event send "{@no-prefix} &cYou cannot send that here" send "&7[FILTER] &8%player% &7%message%" to all players where [input has permission "{@permission}"] command /filter [<text>] [<text>]: permission: op trigger: if arg-1 is "add": if arg-2 is set: if {filterswear::*} does not contain arg-2: add arg-2 to {filterswear::*} send "{@prefix} &7Added %arg-2% &7to the swear filter." stop else: send "{@no-prefix} &cThat word is already blocked!" stop else: send "{@no-prefix} &cSupply a word to filter!" stop if arg-1 is "remove": if arg-2 is set: if {filterswear::*} contains arg-2: remove arg-2 from {filterswear::*} send "{@prefix} &7Removed %arg-2% &7from the swear filter." stop else: send "{@no-prefix} &cThat word is not blocked!" stop else: send "{@no-prefix} &cSupply a word to unfilter!" stop if arg-1 is "list": send "&cThe filtered words are: &7%{filterswear::*}%" stop else: send "{@no-prefix} &cUnknown argument" stop Enjoy!
  7. right... welcome to minehut, dont join any gen servers or else you will find your belief will go into overload
  8. where can i get this? asking for a friend
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