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  1. i want more friends to play on minehut with so im just gonna make a list of stuff i enjoy and idk, see if anyone would wanna befriend me I like minecraft obviously, i run a survival server and like to make large community builds (like towns built by multiple people) i know a little bit of skript, im a decent builder, and i like to believe that im pretty good with plugins and commands. Some things i like to do that arent related to minecraft are art, music, reading, watching yt, making bracelets, and making yt videos (i only have one uploaded tho :')) some other games i play a
  2. imagine not having a cover photo smh

    1. Reassembly


      Send me one 


    2. sentientchipbag_


      when i get on my computer i actually can, i have a bunch of high quality ones lol

  3. Imagine not having a profile picture smh

  4. I am sentientchipbag (im usually just called chip(s) or chipbag) i have been playing on minehut since early 2019/late 2018 i think? and been playing minecraft in general for about 9 years, but i also do art, music and other artsy things. some other games i like include portal 1 and 2, undertale, raft, csgo, and just random free games i find on steam. (i am always looking to make new friends so feel free to interact :'])
  5. i really like seeing the different kinds of servers and builds that you can find on minehut, they are all really unique and i really enjoy it ^^
  6. all i want is more minehut friends : /

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