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  1. @Dexard Hi there, please do not necro post as this post has been inactive for over a month
  2. It looks like your account was compromised, I suggest that you change your password, if you want to be extra careful you can also change your security questions if you have any. If you don't have any you should enable that. Lastly you can appeal here, also make sure to provide proof in some way that the account is yours.
  3. You can appeal you ban here
  4. A primeira opção é ingressar em minehut.com e então fazer /join <nome do servidor> A segunda opção é ingressar por meio de <nome do servidor>.minehut.gg:25565
  5. You can download your world by doing /dl world <world name>.
  6. No, restarting will not do that. Only reseting the server will wipe all of the servers data
  7. Hey there! Could you tell me what permissions plugin you are using so that I could help you. All players should be by default in the default group so that is what the tutorial means.
  8. Hello! Unfortunately there is no current way to access the server.properties file.
  9. If the map ws publicly posted it should be allowed to be used.
  10. Swirs

    world save

    Hi Blast, what do you mean by saving the world. Do you mean that you have uploaded a world or that you saved the server. If you've uploaded a world you can access it using /worlds
  11. Please do not reply to a post that has been inactive for over a month
  12. Swirs

    I need some help...\

    Restart your server after.
  13. Swirs

    I need some help...\

    If it does not work, go to your file manager and then delete the banned-ips.json file and it should remove all the ip banned players
  14. This has been an on going issue for the past weeks, but the developers are aware of it and new solutions are being tested. Until it has been confirmed that it has been fixed, you will have to save the server every few minutes. If that doesn't work you might have to wait until the fix has been confirmed working.
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