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  1. try making a support ticket at https://minehut.com/support about it and see if they can help but it may be related to this
  2. Minehut currently does not support fabric. The only modded version available at the moment is spongeforge. But they are working on getting fabric added.
  3. You just got to wait till Minehut updates it. Nothing you can do.
  4. That means your server isn't set to 1.17. Go to the appearance tab on the panel and set your server to 1.17 or 1.17.1, click save, and restart the server.
  5. Hello Welcome!

  6. no ViaVersion shouldn't cause anything like that. ViaVersion just adds join support for newer versions and since 1.17.1 is the latest version, that is why it shows that warning. Are you able to spawn goats with spawn eggs? Note that they only spawn naturally in certain biomes. No goats are already added.
  7. _Tarna_

    Lobby griefed?

    the mods playing with their tnt again. smh
  8. Has this happened multiple times before? It's weird that it just suddenly stops there. The only thing I can think of that may be causing this is one of your skripts. Not sure tho. Maybe try making a support ticket at https://minehut.com/support and see if they can help more.
  9. _Tarna_


    When Minehut does add 1.18 support, you should be able to update to it fine. Not sure how the new y levels will work tho. But just make some backups whenever switching a world between major versions.
  10. Someone who also had this issue said that creating the biomes o plenty world in singleplayer and then just uploading it to the server allowed it to work fine. Try doing that.
  11. Those commands were removed after they released custom plugins. But there are different ways to do those now. To upload worlds, just go to the world tab on the panel and upload the world in the world box there. Note that area has an upload limit of 500mb. So if your world is larger than that, just upload the zip file straight to the file manager. And unzip it in the file manager by right clicking it and click unzip. This way has no upload limit but servers in general have a total storage limit of 20gb. To teleport between the worlds on your server, you now need to use a plugin such as Multiverse. With Multiverse, just do /mvtp <world> to teleport to a certain world. And if it says Multiverse cannot recognize the world, do /mv import <world> <world type>. And world type will be either NORMAL, NETHER, or END. Just depends on what kind of world you are importing. Then you will be able to teleport to it with the /mvtp command. If the world name has spaces in them, it is easier to just rename it not to have spaces but you can put quotes around the world name to use worlds with spaces in them. Like /mvtp "world name with spaces".
  12. All servers currently come with viaversion preinstalled so that may be interfering with it. Try removing protocolsupport and getting viabackwards and viarewind instead. That should support all versions 1.7+.
  13. What do you mean? Make sure you go to that file after the server crashes and just send them here in a pastebin.com.
  14. Make sure you restarted the server after adding all the mods to the server.
  15. Go to logs > latest.log in the file manager after it crashes and send its contents here in a pastebin.com.
  16. Muted people don't have message perms cause they can still use it maliciously. Like say someone got muted for spamming, they could start spamming people in dms or start spamming mods in dms and stuff.
  17. Go to the appearance tab for the server and set your server to spongeforge 1.12.2. Currently, 1.12.2 is the only modded version on Minehut but they will add more. After setting it to spongeforge, click save and restart the server. Then you need to reset the worlds/server so the worlds are reset to 1.12.2 versions. Restart the server after resetting the server. Then just upload any 1.12.2 mods you want into the mods folder. If you don't see a mods folder, just create one yourself. And then restart the server again after installing all the mods. Then you should be able to join the server with the mods. Make sure you also have the mods installed on your client.
  18. _Tarna_

    Whitelist help

    You need to op yourself. Run op yourname in console. And when running commands in the console, don't include the /. Thats probably why it said unknown command when you ran it in console.
  19. Those are all plugins, not mods. If you want actual mods like crayfish, you need to set your server to spongeforge. And you can just upload any mods you want into the mods folder if they are not in the addons tab.
  20. If it was a skript, just go to plugins > skript > scripts and delete the skript and restart the server.
  21. Scroll up in chat. It should say something there when taking you back to the lobby. What does it say? The most likely reason is that the server either isn't fully online or you aren't using the right version for the server.
  22. Try force hibernating it through the danger zone tab and then try starting it again. If that doesn't work, make a support ticket at https://minehut.com/support
  23. If you want to report someone, you can do so by making a support ticket at https://minehut.com/support. I don't understand by what you mean but looking at what you said, it doesn't look like they broke any rules. You can view a full list of rules at https://forums.minehut.com/rules.
  24. Those commands were part of the playerserver plugin which has been removed. You need to use plugins such as Multiverse to be able to teleport between worlds.
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