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  1. You can report people here to Minehut because greifing and stuff isn't allowed. Here is the direct link to report a select user. https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/6-player-reports/
  2. Try doing this instead. Stop the server first. Then press reset world and restart the server.
  3. Yes you can change the default world people spawn in when they join the server. Here is a tutorial on how to change the default world.
  4. It may be a 1.16.3 bug. Try doing it in a single player survival world and see if it does the same thing there. If it works fine in singleplayer, it may be a paper thing. Paper is the thing that all Minehut servers run on.
  5. Make sure you also have ViaVersion. ViaVersion is the base plugin. ViaVersion and ViaRewind will allow you to use 1.8.9. Servers will still be on 1.16.3 but you will just be able to join with 1.8 versions.
  6. Is the plugin on the Plugins panel? If not, you cannot upload custom plugins on Minehut. You can only download plugins which are in the plugins tab on the panel.
  7. _Tarna_

    vanilla tweaks

    Here are some tutorials on how to install datapacks on minehut.
  8. But plugin they wanted does something different from WorldGuard. It allows people to toggle pvp for themselves alone instead of for everyone and the whole world. This can be easily remade with Skript tho.
  9. Next time leave a link to the plugin you are suggesting to be added or updated. Also the plugin already seems like it has been updated to the latest. The Minehut API says the version on Minehut is on 6.2.0 and the plugins spigot page says its latest version is also 6.2.0. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/supervanish-be-invisible.1331/
  10. Correct place to request plugins is in this category. Also leave a link to it. https://forums.minehut.com/forum/20-plugins/
  11. You can request features to be added in the Minehut Meta Github. This feature has probably already been requested a few times tho but that is the place to requests features if you ever need to. https://github.com/Minehut/Meta
  12. Is this your server or a random server? Cause if it was a random server, it may be harder to find who the user was. But if it was your server, you can go into the world folder and find a folder called playerdata. In there are .dat files with the name of uuids who have joined the server. Then copy and paste the uuid into a site like NameMC and it will tell you the ign of that person. It doesn't let you copy the file name but if you open it, then it will let you copy the name at the top. But if it was not your server, not sure how you are gonna find who this user was.
  13. Ya its ok but always leave a link to the plugin if you are suggesting it to be added or updated. It just makes the people adding the plugins jobs easier.
  14. No Problem. Here is a small tutorial on how to use CoreProtect if you don't know how. Hope the download issue of large files gets fixed sometime soon. There are also many other tutorials online if you still don't understand after looking at this one.
  15. Leave links to specific plugins that you have in mind that work for 1.16.3.
  16. What is the error you are getting with that? Because that us the exact example from the SkriptHub logs and it should work. Also this is the Marketplace category. It is used for someone to request or offer something. Next time if you need skript help, you can ask in this Skript Category or #skript on the Minehut Discord.
  17. Keeping a lot of chunks loaded at the same time can cause a decent amount of lag.
  18. Someone a few days ago said they downloaded their world and it was 1.1gb and it worked for them. Downloading has been having issues with large files sizes for some reason. Is there any lag on your server? Cause lag can sometimes cause issues with the command. Also are you trying to download your world as a backup or transfering it somewhere. Cause if it is as a backup, you could get a plugin called CoreProtect. With the plugin, you can rollback parts of your server with just a command. Or you can also make the builds on your server into WorldEdit schematics then transfer the builds then somewh
  19. Do /worlds. You may just be in a different world. That command will give you a list of worlds on your server. Then do /world <world> to teleport to it. This can happen if you change the default world of your server. Just change it back to the world with your stuff in it.
  20. Are you uploading it through the panel? Just stay on the server while it uploads so it doesn't hibernate.
  21. When ever suggesting to update or add plugins, you should leave a link to them. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/eglow-1-9-4-1-16-3-glow-cosmetic-respects-eula-mysql.63295/
  22. What does it do when you press start on the dashboard? Does it do nothing? If it does nothing, try starting it through the Minehut lobby by doing /join servername in the minehut lobby. If it goes from starting to then offline on the panel, can you send your server logs here in a pastebin.com. If you don't know how to get logs, here is a tutorial how.
  23. _Tarna_


    Hello! This is the Marketplace Category so if you want to make an introductory post, you should make it in the Introduce Yourself category instead. The Marketplace category is to request or offer services.
  24. The plugin's spigot page says its tested versions is only up to 1.15. So it may not work on Minehut because Minehut servers are on 1.16.3. Also they have been trying to update more plugins recently rather than add new plugins since the servers have updated.
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