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  1. Trent

    My apology post

    We have 0 tolerance for sexual harassment.
  2. hi trent, how i can set zero tick to on?


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    2. Koronotchi


      I'm assuming you want a 0-tick farm? Because you can't do that on Minehut

    3. Henk_De_Steen123


      ... Why? en can nobody fix dat?


    4. Koronotchi


      PaperSpigot classed them as bugs, so they were patched. This is why they can't be enabled.

  3. Hey i cant join my minehut server even though i have all the via version and via backwards plugins heres the error for 1.8.9: Outdated client please use 1.15.2 error for 1.15.2: Disconected

    1. starghset


      I suggest using protocolsupport instead. It seems to not have that bug

  4. When are you guys going to switch your world downloading provider? No one can download their worlds so if someone griefs it, you can't go to a backup. If you aren't going to do anything about it, please at least say so. 

    1. Trent


      Hey we've been dealing with a few other issues (like allowing us to scale past 10k players) but we're working on a new solution for that soon!

    2. MildZombie9


      I totally agree. I tried to download my world with /dl world world but it didn't work. And my world's name was world. You guys should fix it.

  5. whats the minehut discord thing

  6. Idle servers shut down after 5 minutes. That makes it so we can have room for everyone to start their server as new users come on and other users log off. Otherwise, we did implement a new auto scaling, which means we can scale up but also have to scale down. You can check out how that works here: https://superleague.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360044481433-Free-Servers
  7. Trent

    Rule Updates

    It's a less toxic community
  8. Effective today, we are enforcing updated rules on Minehut. Highlights Minehut is now entirely SFW and kid friendly. No swearing anywhere on Minehut (except player servers) Includes voice, lobby, Discord, forums Until the end of March, we'll be giving out extra warnings before punishing for any rules that changed. Rules diff: https://www.diffchecker.com/LUVdwlWp Rules page: https://forums.minehut.com/rules/ You must have at least some English characters in your Discord handle to make it easy for staff to tag you. But Why?! Minehut has always been sorta kid friendly with an exception for Discord. This update brings the entire community under the same rules and will help us root out more toxicity. We also think that this will help foster a more welcoming environment and help people feel more comfortable being part of our awesome community.
  9. We give an hour warning, and we don't let servers start on host nodes for 2 hours before we know they're going to shut down. Our goal is to have it interrupt as few people as possible. This means that the shortest your server could've been online is 2 hours and then always a 1 hour warning. You can also choose to stop your server and start it again at any point within that time. We're also going to allow users to download files directly from the panel in the future. We're working on new features like that Just no ETA yet..
  10. New Homepage Highlights Our new homepage is live! Faster load time Built on same framework as the panel Has your logged in state No more /app (needed when home page was separate website from panel) Testimonials from some long time Minehut users! Light and dark theme Dynamic server stats are back (ram, servers and players online, top servers) Dynamic Scaling Previously, Minehut would have an effective max capacity of around 3000 to 4000 servers. In order for us to scale up, we needed to purchase more servers and it would sometimes take days to increase our capacity. Last summer, we grew a lot and ran up against our capacity often. This summer we'll be ready for it thanks to our new dynamic scaling Scaling Up As concurrent players and servers grow every day, Minehut will automatically turn on enough host nodes to hold as many servers as needed to let everyone play. This means you should never see a message saying you can't start your server because we're at capacity. There isn't a queue to start servers, we'll always allow you to start your server when you click activate. What goes up must come down In order to scale up, we also need to scale down as player and server counts decrease. We've written an FAQ article explaining how this process works here and what you can expect to happen when we need to scale down.
  11. Hey unfortunately we can't at the moment because our servers aren't accessible to the public except through bungee for security reasons.
  12. Hello Trent!

    Can you approve my club please? It'll be for Cute gifs! 

  13. Hey - we don't support snapshots on Minehut. All servers currently run on 1.15.2.
  14. hey i posted a player appeal can you guys look at it please


  15. Hey sorry about that. We'll get that fixed. We also got permission to use the premium version of libsdisguises from the developer. We'll have that up soon
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