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  1. image.png.9d34e800764cb85d613d28002448a124.png

    Verify this is indeed real.

  2. Trent! This is a huge problem! Someone asked me to build a spawn for them, so i did. Their name is EggMuffinEater. anyway i worked really hard on this spawn. Then he or she just turned me to spectator mode and deoped me. he then took the build as he or shes and that really annoyed me.

  3. nice mustache

    1. Kubicek_SK


      hello i have a problem with a server

      pls help me


    2. Kubicek_SK


      i have something with a no connection with a server, im gonna join and it will says something, went wrong and idk ok, then just pls help me omg.. i want a server with super commands nad something ok pls help me me me me me me me me me me, pls pls pls pls pls pls pls help me help me help me

  4. Overview We've updated the server packages that are offered on Minehut. If you currently have a server upgrade, it was set back to the free plan. You'll want to upgrade it to make sure that it comes online with the amount of ram and slots you need, as well as with unlimited plugins. You can upgrade your servers while they're offline now too! Upgrade here MH Unlimited Plan This is our first 24/7 plan yet! This means that for an entire month, your server will never shut down unless you shut it down! These servers run on their own premium hardware separate from all other plans. Monthly Plans Our server plans are now monthly! Upgrading monthly on these plans is much cheaper than it was before with our daily plans. These new plans also come with an ad free panel Daily There's now only one daily plan. This plan is 40 credits, or about $.25 a day to upgrade your server to a premium host node, get unlimited plugins, and double your RAM and max players. Remember, you can vote every day for 25 free credits. Free Plan Yes, we're limiting free servers to 12 plugins. With the recent growth, we've noticed that many servers have been able to monetize and grow without needing to upgrade. This will still let you play a survival server with your friends for free with no limits. Things to Note If you had a free 20 slot server, those have been changed back to 10 slots. You can now edit settings and plugins while your server is offline. If you have a free server with more than 12 plugins, you'll need to get down to 12 before your server can start. Monthly plans are 30 days. All paid plans come with an ad free panel. That means you won't see ads while editing any server that is on a paid plan, but will still see them on your dashboard home. If you change your server plan, it will now tell you that you need to hibernate it in order to apply the changes. You can now set your slot count any number up to your plan's max. Plugins and settings are downloaded every time your server starts. If you downgrade your server mid month, you will stay on your previous plan for the reminder of its month, and then renew at the lower plan's price (or free) the same day the previous one would've. If you upgrade your server mid month, you'll pay the difference and your server will upgrade immediately. Your renewal date will change to 30 days from the upgrade. All plugins (except BukkitCore and PlayerServer) count toward the 12 total
  5. hi trent

    1. 9048


      hi trent

  6. We can't because we're cross play, and Java Edition doesn't have all the parental and legal controls that bedrock has to be part of the partner program. I had thought the same thing and looked into it because that would get us so many players!
  7. his username who falsely muted me was Dadrien


    1. Migins
    2. Dadrien


      He got banned for hacking on my server and then proceeded to spam my private messages with some rather hurtful things so I ignored him and filed a report.


  8. Trent ive been falsely muted because i was apparently saying u should kill urself and all that crap when i was telling a suicidal kid not to. please unmute me or make the mute a reasonable time because right now its a month, and i cant wait a month because its been about an hour and im already dying. pelase im begging

  9. minehut bad


  10. Trent

    My apology post

    We have 0 tolerance for sexual harassment.
  11. hi trent, how i can set zero tick to on?


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    2. Koronotchi


      I'm assuming you want a 0-tick farm? Because you can't do that on Minehut

    3. Henk_De_Steen123


      ... Why? en can nobody fix dat?


    4. Koronotchi


      PaperSpigot classed them as bugs, so they were patched. This is why they can't be enabled.

  12. Hey i cant join my minehut server even though i have all the via version and via backwards plugins heres the error for 1.8.9: Outdated client please use 1.15.2 error for 1.15.2: Disconected

    1. chrisilyOfficial


      I suggest using protocolsupport instead. It seems to not have that bug

  13. When are you guys going to switch your world downloading provider? No one can download their worlds so if someone griefs it, you can't go to a backup. If you aren't going to do anything about it, please at least say so. 

    1. Trent


      Hey we've been dealing with a few other issues (like allowing us to scale past 10k players) but we're working on a new solution for that soon!

    2. MildZombie9


      I totally agree. I tried to download my world with /dl world world but it didn't work. And my world's name was world. You guys should fix it.

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