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  1. Hi Trent I just saw you in the lobby and tried to talk to you, but I have been muted for 4 months because of "external advertising" I was only advertising my server ECadvert.minehut.gg


    please unmute me.



  2. Hey I edited your post to remove the name of a specific place where you claim users can go to get the same content. I think it's a fair discussion, but wanted to make sure we're not encouraging people to steal things. I understand what you're saying, and sure there are alternatives to just about everything out there and cool maps available for free on third party sites. That being said, this is an easy way for anyone to click to install the content to their server = no setup required, and a way for our community to make some money by selling the content with us. Antileak / DRM is definitely a hot topic. We've discussed it at length in our meta discord, and have a recently active thread on github about it as well https://github.com/Minehut/Meta/issues/632 Despite all of that, we're actually seeing pretty solid usage of the Market with a lot of people purchasing things.
  3. Trent

    "Ad Free Panel"

    You still have ads on your server list, but not on the server specific dashboard.
  4. Hi. My server wont start. I click start and it goes to starting but than it immediately goes offline. I tried to post this issue in the server-not-starting thread. But it was closed to further replies. I tried the community help area in the discord. But they said it was an issue with minehut. I tried dming a dev but they didnt respond to me. So im asking you now. Apologies for sending the issue here.

    1. TomLovesPC


      Try Going To Danger Zone And Click On Repair Files


  5. why does my server keep saying hibernating but when i go to click activate it still says hibernating when i click continue?


  6. it makes me kind of sad i am not allowed to be staff but ill just go on a server and mabey there i can apply for something 😕

    1. landonhalley


      Why are you not able to be staff?

  7. I have a question, I love minehut and use it all the time, but who's idea was it?

  8. Hi my server C0nqu3st.minehut.gg is not starting up anyway you can help with that?


    1. _omga


      Hi, this is because Minehut is at it's maximum server capacity. Next time you ask questions or need help, can you post a topic in the Help subforum?


    2. MrH0tti3


      Thank you i just logged on and now i can play 


  9. Hi Trent our server wont start its ip is kitii.minehut.gg 

  10. Hey sorry to hear that. Our support team can help out if you write in at https://minehut.com/support/form
  11. That's actually a really good question. The post you linked was more about optimizing the way that servers compress, as well as adding more fail safes on the side of attempting to save before the container shuts down. What used to happen before the post you linked, was that container could start compressing the server but get timed out while it was saving if the server was too big. It would also retry saving to storage, but not indefinitely. The new changes we made yesterday closes the loop a lot better on making sure a server won't shut down until our storage server reports that it saved the server successfully.
  12. Hey everyone, we wanted to provide a detailed update on what has happened over the last few days. This doesn't come just from me, this comes from everyone here at Super League. Incident Overview We strive to provide you with the best free Minecraft server network in the world. We shoot for excellence, and it hurts when we fall short, and over the past 36 hours, we’ve fallen short. First, we want to apologize to everyone who has been affected in any way due to the several compounding issues yesterday and today – We are deeply sorry and are hard at work to resolve them and keep them from happening again. I'll explain what happened and what we've done to prevent it from happening again in the future. Yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon we noticed our file servers (where we store servers) started experiencing issues and were overloaded with requests. This caused some servers to be unable to complete their normal save operations resulting in some servers not saving successfully, and losing progress. Once we pinned down the file server software as the root cause of the issue, we reverted back to the last stable version which put us back in a stable state. Today (Thursday), we first noticed an issue this afternoon that our server despinner (the process that shuts down servers when they are idle) was errored out. This resulted in no servers saving / stopping, but users were still able to start their servers. We very quickly reached our max server cap and then no new servers were able to start. This is where you can see the plateau in online servers but a steady decline in players in the below graph. Player count in dark blue, server count in cyan both graphed by the second After we patched the server despinner and attempted to come back online, (when the graph starts to increase in both players and servers again), we noticed another issue with our file server reporting it was overloaded. In an attempt to prevent any data from being lost like we knew happened last night, we prevented any new servers from starting as well as turned back off the server despinner process, which meant no servers would save and fail because of issues with the file server. We did some updates to help the file server, and then slowly let servers save while we didn't let any new ones start. During this, we made the call to completely wipe our existing storage server and go with a backup. Last August, we migrated hosts. We made the call during the migration to save servers both on our new host but also to our old host as a backup incase we had issues post migration. When a server starts, it checks to see if it's in our new file server. If not, it checks if it's in the old file server, if not, it creates a new server from our template. Luckily, we never turned this off. This means that every time a server shuts down, it saves both to our old host and to our new host. We also take a nightly backup of both hosts, with the most recent backup taken at 230AM EST. This allowed us to make the decision to wipe our current file server of all data since some recent server saves to our new file server were corrupted but were saved properly to our old file server. Data Loss / Backup Info Now that we're back online, this should mean that servers that failed to save yesterday (no way to know if this was you) but hadn't yet started again will not see any data loss when they come online next time, which will reduce the number of servers that lost data. This also means that anyone that noticed data lost today for the first time might have a backup available that we can try to restore. If you first noticed data loss last night (before approximately 230AM EST), it's highly unlikely we have a backup of your server If you experienced data loss at any time over the last few days, please make sure to write into support to see if we can do anything to help even if it's unlikely we have a backup. Our support form is at https://minehut.com/support/form New Patch While we were offline today, we wrote a patch that updated the server shutdown process to not give up if it fails. It will now always wait for the server to successfully save. If this patch would've been in place before yesterday, no one would've experienced data loss, but we still would have had issues with servers starting and stopping until we fixed the other file server issue. This patch coupled with another one that we rolled out over winter break has drastically reduced the risk of data loss on servers in the future. All of us here at Minehut are sorry for the string of issues that have plagued your servers for the past day. We know Minecraft and the worlds you create within your server are a much-needed escape for many of you, and we are sorry that we haven't delivered on our service quality recently. For Minehut users who lost any data, please reach out to us immediately so we can work with you to determine if your data can be recovered and to work to regain your trust. Please contact us at https://minehut.com/support/form, allow additional time as we respond to all customer service inquires related to this issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding. - Super League Gaming, Inc.
  13. My Server AsianKai.minehut.gg wont go back online can someone please help.

  14. My server wont go out of hibernation 

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