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  1. trent I have seen this post 

     the same thing happend to my server commandi minehut gg can u please help me i would really apretiate it

  2. The actual transfer process is almost always at least 30 seconds.
  3. Servers are stored as zip files on a file server. When you request to start your server, it's downloaded, unzipped, and run on one of our host boxes. That's the process that happens when you see the video and "your server is transferring." It's not possible to let you edit the file manager until this process is complete. We are looking at ways to let you edit plugins (just install / uninstall, not edit plugin configs) and server properties while your server is offline as that is possible.
  4. Trent

    My Resignation

    Thanks so much for all that you've done to help us out No harm in understanding your waning interests in things. Best of luck with your exams and hope to see you around sometimes still!
  5. DiscordSRV's pulled information about the Minecraft server and discord, and sent it straight to the developers. FactionsUUID debug system creates a paste with all the relevant information and sends it back to whoever ran the command, who can choose to hand it off to the developers to help get support.
  6. Minehut servers are on 1.15 Minehut now uses Paper 1.15 for servers Your server needs to hibernate since this announcement was posted to get 1.15 Lobbies support 1.8-1.15 Allowing Older Versions To allow older versions, there are 3 plugins you'll need: ViaVersion provides the base for the next 2 plugins ViaBackwards allows 1.9-1.14.4 to connect ViaRewind allows 1.8-1.8.8 to connect ProtocolSupport has not been updated for 1.15 yet and is no longer available to install as of this update. Plugins Most plugins shouldn't break in this update. If you encounter a broken plugin, please report it on the forums and include your log via `/dl log`
  7. What's the name of your server?
  8. Hey, moved this to support to make sure it's clear you're looking for help Also- welcome! If you want to set the seed, we have a video that shows how to do so:
  9. We don't allow full FTP access or custom plugins because we're a shared network and that could lead to users doing things we don't want. We also like to control the plugins and their versions to make sure our users, who are often trying to run their first Minecraft server, can run their server as easily as possible As a plugin developer myself, I can appreciate your desire. Unfortunately, you won't be able to get that from us.
  10. We noticed a bug over the weekend that was preventing some servers from starting that we just patched this morning. Please try again If you're still having issues, fill out a support ticket on the panel.
  11. We no longer are able to restore servers as of this post here's a video on how to protect your builds.
  12. This is incorrect. This is the correct answer.
  13. And if NONE of that is possible then how do I delegate my account

  14. Oh and my server won’t load it just says locating server so how do I get it up running 

  15. Own it possible for me to change my email address on here because the email address I put I don’t use now but if not how do I delegate my account because it’s not the support web

    1. SuperSnuggy2009
    2. SuperSnuggy2009


      Sorry that doesn’t really make sense I’ll retype it on my account how could I change my email address because I have got a new one. Also my server won’t load it just says locating server please help.

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