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  1. I made something for you


    1. Lapzzo


      I rushed it, but if you want better lighting and stuff, reply saying u want a slight remake

    2. skPizza



  2. Right now there isn't an easy way to do this. We'll be adding live console soon though, which would let you see a live feed of the server and allow you to type /list to see who is online. Aside from that, is there another way we could display the info that would be useful for you?
  3. We are still automatically installing it, but will be updating this as well as the default server version in the near future. I know with the recent additions of older Minecraft versions, force installing Viaversion isn't ideal.
  4. It's on the version selector and available on every server, including free servers.
  5. Trent

    Add-on Panel!

    It doesn't have any mods yet but will soon!
  6. You can upload yourself! But we'll add some popular ones to the addon panel soon
  7. Trent


    We removed the playerserver plugin which is what added /worlds, /dl and /ul with the custom plugins and file manager update. We needed to do this because we can no longer keep a plugin maintained on servers, especially as we add more server versions and types. With the file manager update, you can more easily upload and download directly on the website now
  8. We never supported cracked accounts
  9. Trent

    file manager is bad

    Can you show me what issues you're having? We removed the file extension whitelist so you should be able to upload anything.
  10. Trent

    Domains and 1.17

    This is something that's broken on 1.17 but fixed on 1.17.1
  11. hi trent im big fan


  12. Happy Birthday @Trent!

  13. Hi Trent I just saw you in the lobby and tried to talk to you, but I have been muted for 4 months because of "external advertising" I was only advertising my server ECadvert.minehut.gg


    please unmute me.



    1. Lapzzo


      Did you use /ad? If advertising a server, use /ad otherwise you could get a mute

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