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    ip for the server

    Hey check out our video here where it shows you how to setup your own custom domain (you can purchase through any registrar like name.com)
  2. Unfortunately not. We'll post more info as soon as we can though.
  3. We are constantly looking for ways to improve Minehut, from new features to making sure it runs smoothly and efficiently. While you may have noticed some hiccups here and there, we are hard at work behind the scenes to solve those issues and introduce features we know you’ll love! Here is a brief update: Server Capacity For the last week, we've been testing new host nodes while we work to find the right balance of resources to maximize how many servers we can have online at once without degraded performance. When we made our first update last week, the host nodes did not hold nearly as many servers as we anticipated. Rather than overloading those nodes and letting servers lag, we're keeping a low cap on the number of servers that can be online to make sure if your server does start, it'll be able to run smoothly. We have taken the necessary steps to up our capacity to 4000 servers, as announced last week. Those nodes have been slowly coming online throughout the week which is why we've had a few small capacity increases. We're working to make sure we get these servers up as soon as possible. Unfortunately, they are not available to us yet for this weekend. We'll keep posting updates as we're able to increase capacity and a bigger update once we're all the way up to the promised 4000 servers. Server Saving Last week, we made some updates to how servers are zipped up and saved. Since this changed, we've noticed fewer issues in servers saving / rolling back. Backups Policy Clarified We've grown a lot over the last 16 months, which means a lot more player servers and support tickets. With this in mind, we will no longer keep or restore backups for player servers through customer support. In the near future, we will be offering this as a self-service through the panel. The functionality is not going away, but instead will be coming back in a way that's completely in your control.
  4. Sorry for the incorrect response. if you'd like to delete your Minehut account, you can go to https://minehut.com/app/support and create an account deletion request.
  5. Minehut will be down for extended maintenance this coming Tuesday. When Tuesday, October 1st 9am - 6pm PT (When is that for me? http://bit.ly/2ns9k5b) Minehut will be entirely offline Website will be offline Player servers, lobbies will be offline What's Changing New home page! Increased capacity to 3960 (currently 3450) IP banning will work again, but IPs will still be masked for safety
  6. There is already a refresh button. What else are you looking for exactly?
  7. You can already customize the server description. And we're working on bringing back server icons for purchase in the near future
  8. Yes and by moving minehut commands to the proxy, we had to move all of them EXCEPT the /server command, so I wanted to make sure people understand that it's still possible. Though I see that by mentioning it at all I created some confusion.
  9. No. People can connect multiple servers together via portals or other triggers by doing sudo on users to execute /server. That way people can create hubs / networks within Minehut
  10. Tonight's maintenance is complete and everything is back online. Some changes from tonight: Added restart button Improved lots of things on backend preparing for new stuff we're working on Added ability to purchase more servers per account (see below) Moved network commands to proxy to prevent users from sudo'ing messages. Only command handled through the server is /server <server>, so you can still connect multiple servers of yours together. Purchase More Servers Per Account You can purchase additional servers for your Minehut account for 400 credits per server (each account gets 2 servers by default). Just click on "Create Server" in your servers dropdown, and it'll let you purchase as many more as you want. We're working on some panel updates that will make this more intuitive in the future.
  11. Storage is not a problem
  12. Trent


    Sorry but we're not going to add a plugin that lets you write arbitrary javascript at this time.
  13. Servers are zip files in storage if they aren't online. Activating your server downloads and unzips the zip file, which is what is required for you to edit your files.
  14. Trent

    Minehut Why

    Hey can you tell us which ads specifically ruin the layout? We just added them with the default implementation of Invision. We obviously want to monetize our traffic since our services are free, but we also don't want that to make the site frustrating to use.
  15. Hey so I totally agree and am aware with what you're saying. Our prices are set to be fair for upgrading for a couple of days a month, or just for weekends. We're going to be adding some monthly plans in there as well to make the prices more competitive with other hosts
  16. Nah it's fair. We just have a ton of new players and we don't have room for all of them right now, so it leads to a little lag, but we're working on making more room
  17. Hey we're actually working on some of these, such as separate capacity for paid servers, 24/7, etc. I just don't have a time line yet, but yes!
  18. Hey guys if you need help, join discord and ask in #help, or go to https://minehut.com/support
  19. Some authors just put these into plugins. They are generally only viewable by OPs on the server but yes, they are super annoying. You're free to not use the plugin if you don't like it to show the author you don't support it.
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