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  1. Overview We've updated the server packages that are offered on Minehut. If you currently have a server upgrade, it was set back to the free plan. You'll want to upgrade it to make sure that it comes online with the amount of ram and slots you need, as well as with unlimited plugins. You can upgrade your servers while they're offline now too! Upgrade here MH Unlimited Plan This is our first 24/7 plan yet! This means that for an entire month, your server will never shut down unless you shut it down! These servers run on their own premium hardware separate from all other plans. Monthly Plans Our server plans are now monthly! Upgrading monthly on these plans is much cheaper than it was before with our daily plans. These new plans also come with an ad free panel Daily There's now only one daily plan. This plan is 40 credits, or about $.25 a day to upgrade your server to a premium host node, get unlimited plugins, and double your RAM and max players. Remember, you can vote every day for 25 free credits. Free Plan Yes, we're limiting free servers to 12 plugins. With the recent growth, we've noticed that many servers have been able to monetize and grow without needing to upgrade. This will still let you play a survival server with your friends for free with no limits. Things to Note If you had a free 20 slot server, those have been changed back to 10 slots. You can now edit settings and plugins while your server is offline. If you have a free server with more than 12 plugins, you'll need to get down to 12 before your server can start. Monthly plans are 30 days. All paid plans come with an ad free panel. That means you won't see ads while editing any server that is on a paid plan, but will still see them on your dashboard home. If you change your server plan, it will now tell you that you need to hibernate it in order to apply the changes. You can now set your slot count any number up to your plan's max. Plugins and settings are downloaded every time your server starts. If you downgrade your server mid month, you will stay on your previous plan for the reminder of its month, and then renew at the lower plan's price (or free) the same day the previous one would've. If you upgrade your server mid month, you'll pay the difference and your server will upgrade immediately. Your renewal date will change to 30 days from the upgrade. All plugins (except BukkitCore and PlayerServer) count toward the 12 total
  2. We can't because we're cross play, and Java Edition doesn't have all the parental and legal controls that bedrock has to be part of the partner program. I had thought the same thing and looked into it because that would get us so many players!
  3. Trent

    My apology post

    We have 0 tolerance for sexual harassment.
  4. Idle servers shut down after 5 minutes. That makes it so we can have room for everyone to start their server as new users come on and other users log off. Otherwise, we did implement a new auto scaling, which means we can scale up but also have to scale down. You can check out how that works here: https://superleague.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360044481433-Free-Servers
  5. Trent

    Rule Updates

    It's a less toxic community
  6. Effective today, we are enforcing updated rules on Minehut. Highlights Minehut is now entirely SFW and kid friendly. No swearing anywhere on Minehut (except player servers) Includes voice, lobby, Discord, forums Until the end of March, we'll be giving out extra warnings before punishing for any rules that changed. Rules diff: https://www.diffchecker.com/LUVdwlWp Rules page: https://forums.minehut.com/rules/ You must have at least some English characters in your Discord handle to make it easy for staff to tag you. But Why?! Minehut has always been sorta kid friendly with an exception for Discord. This update brings the entire community under the same rules and will help us root out more toxicity. We also think that this will help foster a more welcoming environment and help people feel more comfortable being part of our awesome community.
  7. We give an hour warning, and we don't let servers start on host nodes for 2 hours before we know they're going to shut down. Our goal is to have it interrupt as few people as possible. This means that the shortest your server could've been online is 2 hours and then always a 1 hour warning. You can also choose to stop your server and start it again at any point within that time. We're also going to allow users to download files directly from the panel in the future. We're working on new features like that Just no ETA yet..
  8. New Homepage Highlights Our new homepage is live! Faster load time Built on same framework as the panel Has your logged in state No more /app (needed when home page was separate website from panel) Testimonials from some long time Minehut users! Light and dark theme Dynamic server stats are back (ram, servers and players online, top servers) Dynamic Scaling Previously, Minehut would have an effective max capacity of around 3000 to 4000 servers. In order for us to scale up, we needed to purchase more servers and it would sometimes take days to increase our capacity. Last summer, we grew a lot and ran up against our capacity often. This summer we'll be ready for it thanks to our new dynamic scaling Scaling Up As concurrent players and servers grow every day, Minehut will automatically turn on enough host nodes to hold as many servers as needed to let everyone play. This means you should never see a message saying you can't start your server because we're at capacity. There isn't a queue to start servers, we'll always allow you to start your server when you click activate. What goes up must come down In order to scale up, we also need to scale down as player and server counts decrease. We've written an FAQ article explaining how this process works here and what you can expect to happen when we need to scale down.
  9. Hey unfortunately we can't at the moment because our servers aren't accessible to the public except through bungee for security reasons.
  10. Hey - we don't support snapshots on Minehut. All servers currently run on 1.15.2.
  11. Hey sorry about that. We'll get that fixed. We also got permission to use the premium version of libsdisguises from the developer. We'll have that up soon
  12. No - they're hosted on separate nodes.
  13. Now that things have smoothed out, here are a few cool things that got updated in the last 24 hours: Premium servers are now on premium nodes with CPUs that are almost twice as fast as free servers! You can now upload multiple files at once via the file manager. This should make it much easier to upload datapacks and other data. Account dashboard where you can see all the servers tied to your account. 5m shutdown time resets as your server is starting, allowing bigger servers to start easier. New vuetify web panel that fixes a lot of visual glitches from the old panel. You can now use tabs in the file manager's text editor. If you're still seeing issues with your server, please create a support ticket and we'll take care of it for you asap
  14. No - we currently rely on a third party service for that. After tonight's maintenance, it will be easier for us to implement our own service for it though which will happen in the future.
  15. Which plugins? We updated a bunch a few days ago.
  16. Minehut will be down for extended maintenance tomorrow, January 30th. Info We're doing some changes that require us to go entirely offline tomorrow. This will include some backend updates that are coupled with deploying a new version of the web panel. We expect this to take up to 4 hours. When Thursday, January 30th 7pm - 11pm PT (When is that for me? http://bit.ly/3145ajG ) Minehut will be entirely offline Website will be offline Player servers, lobbies will be offline When we come back online New web panel Light and dark themes on panel Backend updates for smoother connections
  17. The actual transfer process is almost always at least 30 seconds.
  18. Servers are stored as zip files on a file server. When you request to start your server, it's downloaded, unzipped, and run on one of our host boxes. That's the process that happens when you see the video and "your server is transferring." It's not possible to let you edit the file manager until this process is complete. We are looking at ways to let you edit plugins (just install / uninstall, not edit plugin configs) and server properties while your server is offline as that is possible.
  19. Trent

    My Resignation

    Thanks so much for all that you've done to help us out No harm in understanding your waning interests in things. Best of luck with your exams and hope to see you around sometimes still!
  20. DiscordSRV's pulled information about the Minecraft server and discord, and sent it straight to the developers. FactionsUUID debug system creates a paste with all the relevant information and sends it back to whoever ran the command, who can choose to hand it off to the developers to help get support.
  21. Minehut servers are on 1.15 Minehut now uses Paper 1.15 for servers Your server needs to hibernate since this announcement was posted to get 1.15 Lobbies support 1.8-1.15 Allowing Older Versions To allow older versions, there are 3 plugins you'll need: ViaVersion provides the base for the next 2 plugins ViaBackwards allows 1.9-1.14.4 to connect ViaRewind allows 1.8-1.8.8 to connect ProtocolSupport has not been updated for 1.15 yet and is no longer available to install as of this update. Plugins Most plugins shouldn't break in this update. If you encounter a broken plugin, please report it on the forums and include your log via `/dl log`
  22. Trent

    Stuck in Hibernation

    What's the name of your server?
  23. Trent

    Hey guys, I'm new here!

    Hey, moved this to support to make sure it's clear you're looking for help Also- welcome! If you want to set the seed, we have a video that shows how to do so:
  24. Trent

    Question about Hosting

    We don't allow full FTP access or custom plugins because we're a shared network and that could lead to users doing things we don't want. We also like to control the plugins and their versions to make sure our users, who are often trying to run their first Minecraft server, can run their server as easily as possible As a plugin developer myself, I can appreciate your desire. Unfortunately, you won't be able to get that from us.
  25. We noticed a bug over the weekend that was preventing some servers from starting that we just patched this morning. Please try again If you're still having issues, fill out a support ticket on the panel.
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