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  1. volt

    Minehut API

    Hey, currently minehut api requires a Bearer token, aka you need to login. this can be done using POST and GET requests. You can checkout the good api documentation by @BennyDoesStuff here https://api.bennydoesstuff.me/
  2. Hey everyone, i decided to make a discord bot that implements minehut's api. This bot is heavily in early access. Features: - API Checking (Offline/Offline). - Useful commands listed below. - LIVE! Minehut Chat (Get a live chat of minehut) #minehutchat Current Commands: !skin <name> - Get's the current skin of a user's minecraft profile. !info <server> - Gets some information about a minehutserver Upcoming commands: !livechat <server> - Shows a live chat of a server (Disconnects after 10m) !status - R
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