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  1. Hey so, my suggestions is that there should be a channel in the discord server that only users with the verified role have access to. There are a lot of people who come into the discord and start complaining and spamming because Minehut shutdown for example and that just leads to the general channel getting a cooldown / slow mode and this prevents "normal" people who don't spam etc from having normal conversations. The verified channel would probably stop this since most of the spammers etc aren't going to put effort into verifying their account.
  2. Brian

    Discord Down

    Guys, Discord has gone down and I don't know what to do now. This is the only place I could think of to go to. Send help.
  3. Yay it's Michael!! Woooo
  4. This command would verify you on the entire Minehut network, you only have to type it once. And then the next time you join minehut again you need to type it again. (So not when switching from server to server)
  5. That's why I didn't add the "Move to enable /msg" feature, since this could easily be bypassed
  6. So as we all know recently Minehut has been having some troubles with bots. But the bots have been upgraded since last time and are now using /msg instead of typing in public chat. My suggestion is that we have the same feature that we already have for talking in the hub (see image below) but, that this feature get's (temporarily) added to /msg. How would this work? Well, it's fairly simple. I've remade this feature with Skript and I will show you the step by step process. This is obviously not the best version ever but it's just an example of what could be used So yeah that's basically it.
  7. amazing post, 10/10, very detailed
  8. Brian

    ROAST ME!!

    That image is lower quality than all the servers you've ever made combined.
  9. Brian


    Damn you got me Now follow me back tho
  10. There is no 1.14 version for FAWE yet (I think) so it won't be added any time soon.
  11. Hehe let me just setup a macro that automatically types /ely
  12. Brian


    I think most anticheats don't ban by default but you can maybe enable this in the config or something
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