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  1. /withdraw help PLEASE


  2. It's all these plugin update threads @ThatOneTqnk get on this
  3. step 1: be called ceppy step 2: no further steps.
  4. Hey, I can confirm that all we talk about in staff chat is robots. I'll pass this onto the development team and see if we can do anything to change the Minehut and/or plugin commands so these plugins will work again.
  5. This is the best thread I've seen.
  6. I realise I'm a little late but congrats!
  7. Moved to Community Support - Please provide steps in order to reproduce this issue.
  8. I'm not sure if we have a plugin for this. If you can find one that is updated then please suggest it over on the suggestions tab. Additionally, this thread should've been made under the "Help" category rather than the "Servers" one, this place is more for advertisement so therefore I will be moving this thread.
  9. We do not allow you to upload your own plugins, like the user above said. You can suggest a plugin to be added, go over to the suggestions category.
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