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  1. Ceppy has disappeared once again.

  2. no. is mint choc chip the best flavour icecream?
  3. I don't know, you're pretty cool too.
  4. I agree, I believe the number of adverts on the forums is slightly excessive- however, it's the price we pay for a free service
  5. I agree that some gamemodes are over used, but if people enjoy making them and people enjoy playing them- I see no harm
  6. People don't seem to understand that even though there is now a limitation on the free plan, the paid ones are a lot cheaper than before. Also, I'm not sure Benny's maths is adding up aha.
  7. Watch this video on how to download your world;
  8. Please note, you will need the plugin essentials to do those commands, if you've got a vanilla server you can do /ban to ban someone and /pardon to unban someone. In addition, you can whitelist your server to only allow certain people joining.
  9. You can contact Minehut Support, however, in future please use the correct catergory.
  10. Ceppy


    Do you mean upload a world? There's a tutorial of how to do this here. Please use the help category in future
  11. @mmouser don't include a discord link
  12. I'd happily stroll around as Millhouse bro
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