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  1. Moved to "Community Support" - AFK kicking is automatically apart of the essentials plugin, you can change the time with /setIdletimeout.
  2. Kind of sounds like an extended UHC, however, @Smjokster if you could shoot me a dm on either here or discord then it would be appreciated
  3. We're more likely to use a website than a skript, but I like the idea.
  4. Plain but sparkling Jogging bottoms or jeans
  5. You need a permission plugin (I suggest Luckperms), and then you can just follow a guide for that. If you want to make the op then type "op USERNAME" into the webpanel. - Please create threads like this in 'Community Support' next time.
  6. Ceppy

    Skript - Hiring

    Moved to Marketplace.
  7. We do not currently support sub-users. Sorry!
  8. Hey Guys, we just wanted to get your opinion on something! We're wanting to host a server making competition, but we want your input on the following before we do so: Also, the events club reached 100 members
  9. @TacticalModz @tcmine64 Please keep this on topic- thank you!
  10. Ceppy will you adopt me!

    1. Ceppy


      Don't know about that one chief

  11. Personally, I think it would be a little nicer if the icons weren't glowing. I'm also not a massive fan of how the purple and gray are quite 'blocky', having it a lighter and darker shade of gray could be better, or maybe just by having it a single shade https://gyazo.com/ecc341e9931c2186dcc3a334213076c7 Otherwise, I think it's look pretty decent
  12. Post farming bad McDonalds or Burger King
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