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  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. INCREDIBLE! I am out of belief from these stats. Crazy that only 2% people recognized you. And the banning/kicking was surprising data as well, why not just whitelist? Will you be releasing the names of the people, or is that just for yourself? Thanks for sharing these stats! Very cool thread, Facto. pee
  3. Moia

    I'm Ceppy

    I love orange juice as well!!
  4. Moia

    Some people have GIFs

    PandaChan has a gif for her cover and her pfp on the forums, but whenever I try to link my Discord's pfp it says GIFs aren't allowed. Why can't I use GIFs but she can?
  5. you're actually so boring this is so stupid why dont you get it the legit way
  6. Love the enthusiasm! Looking forward to the server!
  7. u guys still married right

    1. LightningLegend


      I want Ceppy to come back to me


  8. Gamemode 1: command /gmc: trigger: set player's gamemode to creative send "(whatever message you want)" Time Set Day command /day: trigger: set time to day send "(whatever message you want)" Time Set Night command /night: trigger: set time to night send "(whatever message you want)" Weather Rain command /rain: trigger: set weather to rain send "(whatever message you want)" Suicide Command command /kms: trigger: kill player Kill All Items command /dropsgone: trigger: kill all dropped items TP command /tape [<player>]: trigger: teleport the player to arg 1 TPHere command /tapehere [<player>]: trigger: teleport arg 1 to player Setspawn command /setspawn: trigger: set {spawn} to location of player put suggestions pls i want to learn skript but not too difficult
  9. Looking forward to this so much!!! I'm so passionate to play this server immediately when it comes out. Thank you for the reply!!!!!!!
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