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  1. Definitely sounds like a good idea that could be implemented. From a server owner point of view, you could include the server version(s) in the MOTD as a temporary solution.
  2. Hi its me again. i just wanted to say that i forgot about that inappropriate/offensive message in my description i thought i had changed it and i am willing to change it to something more friendly. so i ask of you please unsuspend my server. Thank you

  3. Please use categories correctly, the category you posted this in originally was Server Appeals, this should be in Servers. Moved to Servers
  4. If you have any serious issues with your server, contact support. Please use categories correctly as you've posted this in Server Reports. Moved to Community Support, Locked
  5. Motionq


    Well deserved
  6. Motionq

    Skript 34 errors

    yeah, also after you put down colons, you need to indent lol. So for example: else: send "random text"
  7. Motionq

    Skript 34 errors

    Seems like you have a ton indentation errors along with missing colons (":") lol
  8. Sir? My app was never reviewed, I sent it two or three days ago.

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    2. Motionq


      Both were replied to. Additionally, you can't make two applications within the same wave.. so.

    3. Nick_The_Awesome


      Ok, thanks.


    4. Nick_The_Awesome


      When will staff apps be open again?


  9. Application Status Thank you to everyone who applied for a position on the Minehut Staff Team. We've closed applications as of yesterday, July 7th. We're still reviewing some applications so if your's hasn't been responded to, just be patient! Of course if you have any questions or concerns regarding applications, contact a Manager.
  10. You can simply do /dl world in-game to download your world. You cant download it from the panel though. Also please use categories correctly, this would go in Community Support. Locked, Moved to Community Support
  11. Well then, I use a much more complicated way and I like this better.
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