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  1. It will not. We don't have any plans to add bedrock support in the near future. Doesn't mean it wont happen though
  2. Yes, we don't base the 14+ off of that though. That just means we can't really go any lower than 13 nor would we if that makes sense.
  3. We believe a standard age for people to start maturing/be mature is 14. It's also the youngest we're willing to go. Just because discord's age limit is 13 doesn't mean we base our age limit off that btw lol.
  4. If you're having serious technical issues with your server, then it's best to go to https://minehut.com/support and fill out a support ticket there. You may have to wait a day or two but we should be able to help you out. As Clarifity said though, it may not be an issue on our end. It could be plugin issues, or even just vanilla issues. So I ask that you do some self-troubleshooting on your own before you contact support just to make sure. (You can always use our community help sections such as the category on the forums, or #help in the discord). Additionally, if you ever have any issues I ask that you give us time to help you out. Everyone has issues sometimes and it's frustrating to deal with, trust me I know. But calming down and asking for help, or using necessary platforms to get help may be beneficial. Thank you for your patience. Locked
  5. That looks nice, gj.
  6. I'd like to give a thanks to our beautiful artist Motionq 


    What a beautiful painting On lobby 4 on the right. 




    1. Motionq



    2. OnlyChild


      Yes indeed.

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