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  1. Ceppy might not be as honest and kind as you think. In reality, he is a destructive being known for the murder of thousands and the annihilation of Kurtis' home! Absolutely terrible!! Don't believe me? Check out this SHOCKING, authentic proof of his crimes!!
  2. I™ can't wait™ for this to come out™! This will be the ultimate™ solution™ for hosting servers™ for Nintendo Switch™. Thank you Nintendo™ and SLG™!
  3. -1 Too similar to reqn
  4. The only way to be able to protect your server from copying would be to make it harder to copy.
  5. I didn't bother reading most of it. Good job... i guess.
  6. -1 Not hard to activate your server.
  7. You can see my current favorite staff member on my leaderboards
  8. They are plugins, not mods. So they will not add anything to the inventory. You can do /help (plugin name) and it will show you how to use the plugins.
  9. Best server on M ineh t GG!
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