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  1. Ceppy might not be as honest and kind as you think. In reality, he is a destructive being known for the murder of thousands and the annihilation of Kurtis' home! Absolutely terrible!! Don't believe me? Check out this SHOCKING, authentic proof of his crimes!!
  2. I™ can't wait™ for this to come out™! This will be the ultimate™ solution™ for hosting servers™ for Nintendo Switch™. Thank you Nintendo™ and SLG™!
  3. -1 Too similar to reqn
  4. The only way to be able to protect your server from copying would be to make it harder to copy.
  5. I didn't bother reading most of it. Good job... i guess.
  6. You can see my current favorite staff member on my leaderboards
  7. They are plugins, not mods. So they will not add anything to the inventory. You can do /help (plugin name) and it will show you how to use the plugins.
  8. Best server on M ineh t GG!
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