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  1. crewly


    sad to see you go, soldier!
  2. My ability to sense mockery is triggered, therefore I am obliged to reply with a sentence, which consists of 3 words that describes the process of noticing such sarcasm. I sense sarcasm.
  3. Is this my time to shine? crewly, Lead of Marketing
  4. [This is a serious post] For those wondering: I am currently researching on "Minehut's Server Design" and I need your help to complete my researching. If you want to help out, click on this link and fill out the survey: https://forms.gle/FmgWrhjXeNN8uzV8A I ask you to take your time while filling out the survey and please do not rig the survey by forcing/influencing people into filling in specific stuff. I will post an update about the data that I'm about to receive and what I will do with them (depending if I get any data at all). That's all for now! - crewly, Lead of Mar
  5. my man it feels like i don't deserve that, thats sweet.
  6. Possibly the worst and the most cursed image I've ever created.
  7. That's a really thought provoking question! Uhh.. no! what's your pickup line?
  8. - Funniest community player - Best server creator - Best overall community player some categories I just thought up in 20 seconds. if i happen to be a nominee, vote for meee
  9. Of course! At the back of the our love letter, there is an unlimited redeemable 25% off coupon code!
  10. crewly

    MCleaks account

    buy. the. game.
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