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  1. In September of 2019, spookzook (@Minehut) challenged us to reach 200 retweets on this tweet If we reach that goal, there will be world peace and no poverty. In other words, the image put in the tweet will be put on the lobby billboard. We are currently half way there, and we need YOUR help to reach our goal! Share this with your friends (if you have any) and most importantly: RETWEET IT! Thank you for your attention.
  2. I have been on minehut since late 2015 and I've seen many servers, that I've come to realise that the today's popular servers have all something in common. I've talked about this in discord and to my Wendy's Drive Thru, however none of those were interested (since none of them asked) so I made this topic a forum post. Here's a poster I've made: (Note: This may be not be accurate) There are probably some other major factors that I haven't thought of but those 3 are what stands out to me after a long brainstorming session. Of course, having those 3 in your server doesn't automatically mean your server will generate revenue or have a community. Like the saying goes: "Smart people wear glasses, but wearing glasses doesn't make you smart" What are your thoughts on it? Do you think it's accurate or are some parts misleading? Will future popular servers continue to follow them? I'd love to hear from you!
  3. looks like the chaddiest chad of all the chads.
  4. crewly i will help you out
  5. crewly i will help you out
  6. (This post, itself, is a joke.) As humor gets degraded and less funnier on Minehut, we have decided to set up standards for true comedic images seen on any Minehut social media services, to make people see more humorous content produced by users on minehut. cCSC (crewly Comedy Standards Certification) Federal Law, Article 46 What's the point of Article 46? We try to highlight the best of funny content on Minehut, whether it's a joke, meme, etc., by watermarking them. That way, we will revive humor and laughter. What are the standards for cCSC? We have been thinking about the standards for quite some time and we are 100% sure that our decisions are final. Here are the standards: If the content is deemed funny by crewly When will the new Federal Law take place? It will take place on the 16th January, 2020 How does the Watermark look like? This watermark is found in funny images deemed by crewly. (If you use this watermark without permission, then.. what? I'm just a forum post, not a cop) How to see if a user-generated content is funny? On the bottom left or right corner, you should see the watermark seen above. If it's not there, it is highly recommended that you simply ignore the joke. We are striving to improve this community's entertainment standards, one joke by another. crewly, Lead of Marketing, Spokesman of cCSC
  7. Our world-class lawyer told me that we cannot share the transcript publicly.
  8. The case is adjourned and will be continued privately, the transcript will be released tomorrow or on Saturday.
  9. Alright, listen. This is not funny anymore! We're going to charge you a whopping 1,000,000 USD in DogeCoins for being such a careless person, who thinks he can do anything he wants to do. We have a specialised legal team that will destroy your defense in seconds! To make our court case even more fun, we have hired a live orchestra playing songs about different scenarios in court. We can even trademark your username, as we can manipulate the entire flawed law system. Our court case is on January 9th, Washington Supreme Court District. Best regards, crewly, Lead of Marketing
  10. Yes and you should put all your money in it!
  11. Because it's our words, trademarked sinc-
  12. (oh please don't take this reply seriously) Because it's our word, our adjective, trademarked since 1739. We didn't allow you to say "whopping" so if you dare to say that word again, see you in court. I am tired of people using our word and all of those people lost the court case and we have racked up to 2.7 BILLION dollars in total, so think twice when you want to say that word. If you do it, you'll be soo broke that you'll have to sell your cardboard house and abandon your 7 month old infant sister Julia that we have been tracking on since her birth. We, at Minehut, do not find it acceptable at all, especially when one of our moderators says it! See? We can't even trust our own team that we have trained for 3 months of hard work and fighting against spambots. I will have to demote you in the next 72 hours for being absolutely disrespectful and for causing soo much tragic with 5 words to your managers. Your ancestors must be real disappointed in you right now and they should be! If you have anymore questions, please don't hesitate! Our staff will be kind enough to find a solution/answer! Best regards, crewly, Lead of Marketing.
  13. Triticale is infact gluten free! We have Ph.D Double Degree professional researchers at NASA Earth missionary health station section 1B confirming that your statement is false. They even wrote a whole documentary and made experiments with Triticale, including Ellen DeGeneres (vegan) and Lebron James (is on a keto diet). They both claim that they didn't feel any gluten whatsoever after they consumed our product! Here's a file published on GitHub that summarizes all documentaries and experiments! Next time you do research, please do it longer for more than 2 seconds! crewly, Lead of Marketing™
  14. It is indeed gluten free! Instead of gluten, we have used Triticale, a cross between wheat and rye!
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