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  1. take a screenshot of this post and put it in your signature. That's it. also pee is stored in-
  2. crewly

    new minehut logo

    sorry, I had to do it
  3. crewly

    new minehut logo

    hey minehut i made you a logo. if you do use this, credit me- actually you should think twice because this is a piece of trash.
  4. $16 an hour? That's pretty good. Sadly I'm in europe
  5. Explain why? I don't see any reasons not to add it
  6. I did? The github is the addon page? BentoBox and BSkyblock are also on github only?
  7. https://github.com/BentoBoxWorld/Level BSkyblock does not come with island levels, so therefore we need this addon for BSkyblock.
  8. What you have created is a sin and should burn in hell really good for people who don't like dark mode i mean who the hell dislikes dark mode like seriously.
  9. trent is a bot.
  10. crewly

    My gallery

    All around me are familiar faces
  11. I have never seen anyone talk about this so I'm going to- talk about it. Today, I saw a locked plugin called "private" with a description: "nothing to see here, I promise! https://i.imgur.com/jOd7pqp.png": The description included an imgur link, so I clicked on the imgur link and found a qr code: When I scanned the QR code on a website, this was the result: I noticed that this was a base64 code, so I went on a base64 decoder and it gave me a code that I don't recongize: I cannot figure out what the decoded thing is supposed to mean, so I'm going to need your help to solve the puzzle that minehut has made for us. If you have any clue, DM crewly#5789 on Discord (for people who wanna try to decode the next one: DbBwnfwLd2RzK3A1TzFtTUVUeIq5GOG1OSCyXSL5) (If you want to join my secret detective discord server (and actually help me out), https://pastebin.com/raw/mhQvuSZv)
  12. crewly

    Perfect Server?

    Not all staff members are great server creators.
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