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  1. Why Starboard should be an Awardboard. A few weeks ago, a starboard has been added to the Minehut Discord Server to allow users to pin a special message onto a separate channel, if enough people have added a certain reaction to that post, which is the star emoji. This is something that has always been wanted on the server, however, this is not the way to stand out from other discord servers. You see, starboards aren't uncommon, they appear in many discord servers, even the most popular ones, but they all have one thing in common: They use the star emote. Why does every discord ser
  2. 1 question: Will players be allowed to tell other players to join via /msg?
  3. crewly


    sad to see you go, soldier!
  4. My ability to sense mockery is triggered, therefore I am obliged to reply with a sentence, which consists of 3 words that describes the process of noticing such sarcasm. I sense sarcasm.
  5. Is this my time to shine? crewly, Lead of Marketing
  6. [This is a serious post] For those wondering: I am currently researching on "Minehut's Server Design" and I need your help to complete my researching. If you want to help out, click on this link and fill out the survey: https://forms.gle/FmgWrhjXeNN8uzV8A I ask you to take your time while filling out the survey and please do not rig the survey by forcing/influencing people into filling in specific stuff. I will post an update about the data that I'm about to receive and what I will do with them (depending if I get any data at all). That's all for now! - crewly, Lead of Mar
  7. my man it feels like i don't deserve that, thats sweet.
  8. Possibly the worst and the most cursed image I've ever created.
  9. That's a really thought provoking question! Uhh.. no! what's your pickup line?
  10. - Funniest community player - Best server creator - Best overall community player some categories I just thought up in 20 seconds. if i happen to be a nominee, vote for meee
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