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  1. probably not if the server has some sort of anti cheat
  2. How come a bunch of clubs like mine wasnt approved because it didnt have a server name?
  3. Ah, some supporters of the club. Great
  4. So all you have to do to participate is just react a emoticon on this post! We are going to try to get the most emoticons on this post. LET'S GOOO
  5. this is obviously supposed to be for the minehut server you made the club for, you are litterally exploiting that by just putting the minehut ip in...
  6. because its breaking the rules lmao and no one is talking about it
  7. So this club. I have 1 complaint about it. It doesnt have a minehut server to it. It's litterally just the IP to the minehut lobby. How has the minehut staff accepted this? I can't believe how a bunch of clubs that didnt have a server to it just got denied and this got accepted? I am very confused. This club is basically breaking a rule, and whoever accepted this club is probably really ignorant of his/her job. Like what the hell? Also the discord link has either been expired or it's FAKE. The website links to a article about the axolotls, which I don't mind because who makes a website fo
  8. Remember when there was bronze, silver diamond and platinum? Quote me if I'm wrong
  9. Well, the situation of the bots is plain bullshit. The developers has not made anything to counteract it and that's stupid as hell. Just add something to counteract it god damnit. Then we have Idler itself, the trash, boring server. You literally just sit there being AFK. That's the most shitty concept ever. I would rather play GenPVP than this trash. If you like Idler, then you have to be really braindead. Join a better server, maybe even make one. Make something original.
  10. Look what type of trash Tresre made lmao
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