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  1. I own the domain https://powys.ga, which currently just redirects to powys.minehut.gg, however it cannot be used to direct connect. Maybe MH could implement a feature where if you pay 100 credits, you can use your own domain as an alternative to connect.
  2. cymraeg

    /reload command

    If you're changing things in Essential's config.yml, you can just do /ess reload, and most plugins have their own reload commands too. For skripts, you just need to do /sk reload all and you'll be fine.
  3. link doesnt work i've tried https://bitly.com/11_211_1211_1_121_111_112_2121_212_111 https://bitly.com/11-211-1211-1-121-111-112-2121-212-111 https://bitly.com/11211121111211111122121212111 and even https://bitly.com/22_122_2122_2_212_222_221_1212_121_222 https://bitly.com/22-122-2122-2-212-222-221-1212-121-222 https://bitly.com/22122212222122222211212121222 any more hints?
  4. So I joined Valknet the other day to see what it was all about. As soon as I joined, I realised it was just Minehut, but worse, and also in Minehut. So it's literally pointless. Anyway, I create my server, bigmom. Of course a reference to the world's greatest film Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son. `What a beautiful film. So I get to the point of it being started up, and am immediately told that it's against the Terms of Service, with TacticalModz claiming that the masterpeice of that film isn't PG. I link to the iMDB page and am muted for 5 hours for "Sharing Links" (although it's actually quite frankly because she doesn't like me. Probably from that time she said she wasn't hacking on Warzone when she uploaded proof that she was. Well done.). I come back this morning, and within about 5 minutes of joining, the server crashes. Almost certainly down to MineHut randomly turning off servers for no reason, or too many worlds being available. So, I go back in to the lobby and try to rejoin, lo and behold, I'm banned for absolutely no reason (other than Tactical disliking me). Thanks, TacticalModz, I was enjoying reading your copyright notice for a company which isn't registered! Very nice. Claiming that other's can't use a dictionary word in their server name, when you do it yourself, infringing on the title of Company No. 05130372. 'Grats.
  5. On the format, it explicitly says that the age limit is because of the discord age limit. Not up to me, though.
  6. The Horne Section Podcast - The Slow Sad Song.mp3
  7. Necromancer seems a little bit PG-13
  8. Why do you need to be 14 if the age limit for Discord is 13?
  9. So, what is gwent? Gwent is a server in which each player is given 9 stacks of totally random blocks, and from there on it's basically just normal build battle. Rounds will last 2 minutes, and the winner gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 points, third place gets 1 point. I hope the server will be up and running my the end of September to the end of October at the very latest. We need: Builders Moderators Skript Developers Click here to apply!
  10. cymraeg

    Code not working

    Possibly this: on damage: damage was caused by potion victim is a player victim is in world "ul_KitPVP" victim's x coordinate is between -5.5 and 14.5 victim's z coordinate is between -14 and 8 cancel event
  11. cymraeg

    Code not working

    I realised the problem! See if this works: on damage: victim is a player damage cause is potion victim is in world "ul_KitPVP" victim's x coordinate is between -5.5 and 14.5 victim's z coordinate is between -14 and 8 cancel event
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