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  1. XP Progress System This system is mostly good for RPG servers that has levels and xp. This will be helpful for players to keep track of their progress when it comes to level, xp and how much they need more to level up to the next rank. SCRIPT (7 lines) # # | Variables | # {_p} - the player # {_u} - uuid of {_p} # {xp::%{_u}%} - Current xp of player # {xp::needed::%{_u}%} - XP needed to level up. # {level::%{_u}%} - Current level of player # function xp(): loop all players: set {_p} to loop-player set {_u} to uuid of {_p} set {_n} to {xp::%{_u}%}/{xp::needed::%{_u}%} set level progress of {_p} to {_n} set level of {_p} to {level::%{_u}%} # # Can be used like this # every 5 seconds: # xp() #
  2. Sorry for late response but... Yes you can! You can just change {balance::%uuid of player%} to player's balance etc.
  3. epic gamer right here

  4. Swayl


    It aint Skripter now, It's scriptwriter from now on.
  5. This should be at community support
  6. @ShaneBee Basically the patron of the #skript channel of the discord.
  7. Perhaps Classes? and every class has it's own buffs and debuffs. For example.. Warrior - Strength and Mining Fatigue Tank - Resistance and Slowness Ninja - Speed and Weakness
  8. You are subscribed on the Skript releases. That's why.
  9. Swayl

    Forums Karaoke

    It's basically like One Word Story but its song lyrics. Feel free to put any lyrics of any song, or you can make one. I'll start! Yeah, I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road
  10. Swayl

    Perfect Server?

    And the gamemode they choose is what most of the players hates.... Mining PvP! lmaooo
  11. Swayl

    Perfect Server?

    Will there be a time where all the minehut staff come together to make one of the best Minehut server out there?!
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